Use of Pinterest For Business All Strategies 2020

Pinterest For Business The Best Strategies For Your Business

With Pinterest for Business you can get the visibility you are looking for your business but you must know how to use it in the right way and with the most effective strategies.

Those who have an activity often underestimate the potential of the Pinterest social network . If you know how to use it correctly and know the right strategies, the use of Pinterest for Business – also known, more simply, as Pinterest Business – allows companies to gain a lot of visibility. Here is the complete guide.

What is Pinterest for Business and how it works

Pinterest is a social network based on sharing photos , videos and images (i Pin ).

The people who use this platform ( 300 million monthly users, the figure for August 2019) do it. Mainly, to find inspiration and experiment with new ideas. By browsing the feeds, users have the possibility to search for topics of interest and click on the pins to find out more information.

The contents published by a company can therefore easily intercept the needs of people who use Pinterest, helping them to make a purchase decision.

Not surprisingly, as certified by a data dating back to November 2018, 83% of weekly Pinterest users made a purchase after seeing a Pin published by a digital marketing company.

Working with Pinterest: how to create a Business account

You can create a business account on Pinterest for free, thus accessing the data provided by Pinterest Analytics and the various advertising tools offered by the platform.

You can link your corporate account to a personal Pinterest account and convert a personal account into a business account.

on the other hand, you do not want the company account to be linked to your personal account, you can create it independently.

Just log out of your personal account, go to , enter your e-mail, password, name and type of business.

Once the corporate account is created, you can:

  • Add a profile photo, location and other useful information about the activity;
  • Verify your account and your website;
  • Create a shop to present the products that can be purchased on the profile;
  • Activate the messaging function for your company;
  • Create message boards and add widgets to help users interact with various content.

Working with Pinterest: the best strategies for companies

It is the social network itself that provides some advice on the best marketing strategies for Pinterest for Business. To fully exploit the potential offered by this platform and obtain more visibility, have more customers and sell more, you must first focus on the Pin, which must be visually appealing and tell an interesting story. In this regard, it is important to:

Choose an image that attracts attention –

The use of the 2: 3 format is recommended.

Focus attention on the brand –

Abstract images must be avoided.

Insert the logo but not in an intrusive way –

It should not be placed in the lower right corner, where it would be covered by the social network product icons.

Contextualize the pin –

One possible strategy is to explain how the products can be used.

Add text overlays –

Short, concise textual content brings out the pin and is easier to read on mobile.

Here are the other strategies recommended by Pinterest to companies:

Select high quality content –

They must be relevant and designed according to the interests and needs of users / potential customers.

Be consistent –

It is important not to publish the pin all together, but to distribute them over time based on a well-structured editorial plan.

Choose the right topics –

Fundamental is to analyze the Pinterest user’s point of view and understand how it can help him make a decision.

Use the data –

Both those of Pinterest analytics and those provided by the social network on seasonal content, categories and audiences.

Anticipate seasonal trends –

It can be useful to save seasonal content 30-45 days in advance.

Optimize landing pages –

It is possible to connect the pins to the company website, to the blog or to any other internet page.

Write a complete description –

You must enter the most important information in the first 50-60 characters and always include a call to action.

Use relevant hashtags to improve search results –

Avoid ironic hashtags.

Follow the guidelines of the social network –

Spam prohibited.


Among the marketing objectives envisaged for advertising campaigns on Pinterest for Business are ” Consolidate brand awareness “, ” Increase brand consideration “, ” Increase sales “. To reach users there are different ad formats ( pin sponsored , pin Promoted Videos , carousels sponsored , pin sponsored app ) and different targeting options ( interest , keyword , public ).

To advertise on Pinterest you can use the simplified sponsorship procedure or create the advertising campaign on the Announcement Manager.

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