Promising PHP Trends Redefining Web Development This Year!

PHP Trends

PHP is one of the oldest yet dynamic languages. From increasing the demand for PHP developers for hire to developing the projects the desired way, PHP is indeed a comprehensive language. 

Considering this journey, along with the efficiency and demand for PHP, we can say that it will continue to live for a long time. 

In this long time, PHP every year observes some changes and updates affecting web development. This year, too, some PHP trends can redefine web development completely. 

But what are these PHP trends in 2020 for web development?

That’s exactly what we will be shedding some light on as you move ahead in this write-up. 

But first, let’s establish an idea of what makes PHP a good fit for web development. 

Why is PHP Good for Web Development?

Out of multiple reasons falling in favour of PHP to make it a suitable option for web development, the major ones include:

  • PHP being an open-source language, provides free access and utilization for all.
  • An overall rapid and robust language.
  • Interaction with MySQL using PHP
  • Adaptable and versatile as well
  • Highlights accessibility

Notable PHP Trends for Web Development

Trends are about what new or unique can be expected in case of something. The list of PHP trends for web development this year include: 

Integration With Cloud

Unlike before, businesses now are showing interest in investing and having a cloud infrastructure of their own. 

As per a survey, around 78.9% of the sites on the Internet are making use of PHP for server-side programming along with Cloud in order to reap the privileges of each. 

This amalgamation of PHP and Cloud ensures a cost-effective, scalable, and prolific solution for efficient web development.

PHP Web Development Tools for IoT 

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a system of objects that are interrelated, internet-connected, and able to gather and transmit data via a wireless network. There is no human intervention involved.

On the one hand, PHP tools are a complex virtual structure of unique technologies. On the other, IoT technology is a virtual structure of three different layers in need of a dynamic language to improvise the whole coding structure. Several incredible PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, etc. are a good option bringing the best possible solutions on the table for IoT development.

PHP and IoT together arrive as a fantastic blend that gives rise to multiple new ways for users to explore the digital world better. 

You can simply hire a PHP coder to assist you with the growing trend of PHP and IoT. 

User Interface

A significant PHP web development trend for the user interface that counts is the receptive web. Social networks and eCommerce websites are the most visited, searched, and used websites over mobile phones. And to make them more accessible and comfortable to be used by the user along with rich experience, they need to be responsive.

And you can make them responsive based on your web development requirements with a wide array of PHP web development tools or frameworks. 

You can add infographics, online presentations, visual effects, flash, and what not to your applications or websites using PHP and its tools or frameworks for the enhanced user interface. 

PHP Serving Cybersecurity

The time has changed. People find online shopping a lot more convenient than going to a store. This trend of online shopping has resulted in online transactions through credit/debit cards and mobile wallets such as 

Google Wallet, Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc. instead of the cash. 

This has further risen the need to establish a secure payment gateway for your online users.

PHP web development tools and frameworks being so efficacious, allow you to implement robust solutions to keep your website and applications safe and secure from harmful cyber attacks. 

You can make use of PHP frameworks like Phalcon, a well-documented PHP framework, or Codeigniter, light in weight PHP framework for asset management, security, adding encryption features, caching, etc. 

PHP for Chatbots

Chatbots, in today’s time, is indeed an excellent example of artificial intelligence. It has gained a sound momentum of popularity in recent years. 

PHP tools and frameworks, in this case, prove to be highly beneficial for the development of chatbots. There is an abundance of libraries as well that you get to make a choice with API. 

PHP being an open-source and easy-to-use language, acts as an innovative tool for creating the best chatbots for apps or websites in no time!

The experience of developing chatbots using PHP is tremendously practical and realistic; it almost seems like a conversation with a human or a smart robot. 

The Bottom Line

PHP web development trends are constantly evolving. This year, too, they have shown extensive versatility. There are many skilled PHP programmers for hire available nearshore and offshore who can help you bring your love for PHP to reality as a terrific web development product. 

All you must do is stay updated with the latest PHP web development trends for dynamic and spectacular results!

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