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Role of classified ads in selling and buying the products

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Classified ads:

Classified ads are generally well arranged and categorized publications with proper title of the products or services being offered. It is a type of communication through media platforms where people promote their business. Classified ads are lists of products to be sale or purchase. It is an advance way to do a business through media cells.

Classified ads are a type of advertisement which is commonly available in newspaper, through websites which are doing online businesses. This is a trusted and reliable way of buying and selling products. Classified ads are cheaper than large display ads that are also commonly used to promote business. Classified ads are generally a short message to people through newspaper, magazine or online. These ads are generally at low costs.

Classified ads are called such because they are categorized and grouped into specific products or services being offered. Different products are mentioned in distinct section to show.

Proper Way of classified ads:

Write appropriate classified ads to promote your business, there are some key points which leads you towards attractive advertisements. Whenever you follow these points, your business will boost very soon and you will earn.

  • Complete description about your product or services.
  • Choice of proper publication way.
  • Contact right media platform.
  • Use telegraphic language.
  • Selection of category.
  • Abbreviations.
  • Size of ads.
  • Best title.

Classified ads platforms:

There are platforms where you can promote your business through classified ads.

  • Outdoor and transit.
  • Newspaper.
  • Directories.
  • Direct mail.
  • Magazine.
  • Online.

When you are at any type of business classified ads are the best way to promote your business. Classified ads have categories and are easily approachable according to your budget. Through classified ads anyone can meet his buyer or seller. There are many free or paid platforms that promote our business. We should select best platform to promote our business.

Categories of Classified ads:

Classified ads have different categories.  We can promote our business through classified ads through online or newspapers.

Following are the categories of businesses we can promote through classified ads:

  • Important announcements.
  • Property advertisements.
  • Business advertisements.
  • Educational information.
  • Recruitment news.
  • Personal products.

Classified ads have wide reach, everyone can see classified ads placed in newspapers. Hence you can promote your business in very short time to many people in very low cost. Today internet is at everywhere, through online classified ads people can reach according to requirements and so they can meet you. Through your classified ads online, by clicking available links that you have provided, or through sending text or through email.

Role of classified ads:

  • The role of classified ads is to make sure people that product has good quality, you can satisfy people by mentioning each and every thing about your services and so you can promote your business and can earn money.
  • People check our services or products and if these are according to their choice they buy our services and business can be completed through classified ads without visiting markets.
  • We can display our new or used products through online, newspapers or magazines in very proper way.
  • Classified ads drop us to categories of products we want to sale or purchase.
  • It is time saving.

Advantages of classified ads:

Most common advantage of classified ads is that it is time saving. We can do business in a proper and well-mannered way. It is some time free and sometime paid but very low cost advertisements. Some popular websites give platform to advertise your business. A best example is Zonline shop. Classified ads is a way of advertising your business while sitting at your home. Customer visit your products, it’s specifications, price details and if your product is according to his choice, he will contact you at your home.

Disadvantages of Classified ads:

Since classified ads have advantages, so these have some bad effects also:

As everyone cannot read some particular newspapers, so you can miss your customers by classified ads on that newspapers. There are some places where internet is not available so we can also miss targeted clients through classified online ads and it can effects our business to some extent.  As there is very competition on classified ads, many people do classified ads on same product so it is tough to compete our competitors through classified ads and can also effects our business.


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