SEO VS Digital Marketing the Major Important Differences

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Search engine optimization and digital marketing are considered to be the same things by the people out there. Well, they are wrong and right at the same time, So, why not discuss a little more about what SEO and digital marketing really are? If you are wondering about the above statement where I said that the statement “SEO and digital marketing are the same things” is right and wrong at the same time, I said that because SEO is part of digital marketing. On other word we will discuss on the Major Important Differences on SEO VS Digital Marketing.

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is an online marketing method where the organic searches of a website is increased by increasing the website rank on search engine and boosting website traffic. Also check- 8 Great Tips: Selecting A Professional Search Engine Optimization. The process includes the creation of content, incorporating keywords and acquiring links and mentions from powerful resources.

Solid Search Engine Optimization is conducted in two major parts namely On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both are important for the website to be completely optimized. The first stage is always the On-page where you structure the website, add the content and optimize it properly, increase the performance of the website and fix all technical issues. Once you believe the On-page SEO is done, you can move on to the Off-page SEO.

Here you try to get a third party mention for your website by acquiring strong and relevant links from different resources. These links are acquired through online directories, article and blog submission, community management and sharing of content and links on social media platforms.  

On-Page Optimization

On page optimization focuses on whatever is on the website. Starting from a SEO friendly website design and structure, moving on to the content creation and its optimization.

Then On page optimization also focuses on technical fixes such as 301 redirects to remove 404 pages from search results.

The use of structured data markup, image optimization, minification of CSS and JavaScript. All this thing is included in On-page website optimization.

This is basically the process where optimization is done on the website, whether the code or on the front end.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page optimization is the second part of website SEO. This part usually focuses on acquiring powerful links from different relevant websites. These links are like votes to one’s website, more votes signifies more authority and greater the authority the greater the chance of website getting ranked. The link acquisition process includes online business directories, guest posting, article submission, community management and also social sharing  of content. Also check latest post on Best ways to get backlinks and rank your website.

So What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a method of paid marketing done through the internet using online tools and software. It just a way of selling your products and services to your audience through online means. That is all there is to digital marketing and SEO is one of the methods of marketing online. To better understand digital marketing you need to understand traditional marketing and digital marketing are different.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is what we would call classic form of advertising that has been used for decades now.

  • It still pretty much in fashion, not as much as digital marketing though, and it focuses on advertising your business or brand through newspaper, magazines, TV ads, billboards or brochures. You can see it is quite the classic way of advertisement. You can never calculate the data with this type of digital advertisement, nor you can gauge the success of your campaign completely.
  • Digital marketing, on the other hand, is the modern form of marketing, about which you can say that it has given shape to the digital world. Digital marketing and its methods are SEO, probably the only organic marketing method where you do not need to spend much money for your marketing campaign and the results you get are pretty long term.
  • Moving on, we have PPC and Social media marketing and affiliate marketing where all of these methods require you to set aside a budget for the ad campaign. Then we have content marketing where we share content on different platforms to get more website traffic, similar to that is email marketing where you construct a promotional email for your business and send it to different businesses and individuals to make them aware of your products and services.

Highlighting 2 Major Difference Between SEO vs Digital Marketing

Let us highlight the 2 important differences between SEO and Digital marketing

1. SEO can be Organic while Digital Marketing can be both Organic & Paid Too.

SEO relies on getting website traffic (only) through organic means. That are through content creation, sharing and posting on website and different channel so that website starts ranking and appearing on different keywords.

On the other digital marketing includes organic marketing that will also include SEO and also paid marketing methods such as PPC (Google Ads) and Social media marketing.

2. SEO Cost Vs Digital Marketing Cost

Then SEO and digital marketing have different outcomes in terms of cost and finances.

SEO Cost: 

If you are an expert yourself, you probably wouldn’t need to spend any money to optimize your website. Only a few bucks for some paid links (even though that is grey hat SEO).

In another case, you may hire a professional agency and pay them for their services only. So SEO is very economical and the results are long lasting, just that SEO takes time than other digital marketing methods.

Digital Marketing Cost: 

The Best Digital marketing can be very economical only if it is SEO. If you go further than that, you quicken the process of results, but the cost would increase significantly.

As Google Ads and Social Media platforms require a lot of budgets for online advertisement. The difference is that while the costs would be too much, the results will be a lot quicker than you can get immediate sales through these marketing methods.

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