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Skincare Tips and Tricks which Every Person should know:

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The internet is flooded with thousands of beauty tips and tricks; all of which promises you a dream skin. Many of us keep reading these articles about extensive skincare products and treatments, but seldom pay attention to our basic skincare routine.

Skin specialists also suggest that we should never compromise with our basic skincare routine. So, today, let’s just pay attention to all the basic skincare tips and trick to check how many of these we regularly follow.

All of you should know these tips and follow them regularly if your skin really matters to you. These are not very difficult or time-consuming processes yet, many of us miss them just because of our laziness or busy routines. Let’s have a look:

  1. Remove your Makeup Every Single Night:

Well, who haven’t heard it? But how many people really do it? Leave others; do you remove your makeup every night before going to bed? Usually, we are too tired to remove the makeup so; we sleep like that without thinking about our skin at that time. But, you should start practicing it from today as sleeping with makeup on is very harmful to your skin.

  • Massage in your Moisturiser:

Ok, so you use a moisturizer, but think about how you apply it? Most of the people usually dab or mix moisturizer normally. But, to get the best out of it, you need to massage it on your face every time you apply it. Massaging your face in a circular motion with moisturizer boosts your blood circulation. So, keep that in mind.

  • Don’t Touch your Face too Often:

Where are your hands while reading this article? Yes, most probably they must be on your face. We usually have the habit of touching our face very often. Some people can’t even keep their hands off the face for a minute. You should know that you are transferring a high amount of bacteria by doing that even if you wash your hand ten times a day. So, just keep them down.

  • Never Forget to Wear Sunscreen:

Make sunscreen your forever companion if you want healthy skin. Yes, even on days when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. The harmful UV rays are always present in the atmosphere, and they can cause sunburn, wrinkles and even skin cancer. So, wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every day.

  • Never Pop a Pimple; use Ice Cubes Instead:

Squeezing your pimples is very bad for your skin as it causes unnecessary marks and spreads bacteria on your skin. There is another way of dealing with your pimples; which is very useful. Use ice cubes. Using ice on pimples reduces the swelling or redness and shortens their lifespan. But, don’t use ice directly on your skin. Wrap it in a fresh towel for doing this.

  • Eat Chocolates:

You must have heard that chocolate causes acne, but to clear your confusion, we would like to tell that there is no scientific proof of this fact till date. On the contrary, dark chocolates are very good for our skin as these are rich in antioxidants; which help in protecting our skin. So, eat it up without any worries.

  • Always Double Cleanse your Face:

So, you wash your face once every time after returning home or before going to your bed. Well, you have to double that up if you wish to remove all the dirt, pollution and grime off your face. The first wash only cleanses the surface of our face. So, for deep cleansing of skin pores, we should wash our face twice every time.

  • Keep a Separate Towel for your Face:

If you use the same towel for your hair and face, then you are doing a big mistake. Even when our hairs are clean, they still contain some oils, residues of shampoo or conditioner that sticks to the towel at the time of towel drying. By using that same towel for your face and body, you expose your skin to all these residues which can be very harmful to it. In addition, ensure you don’t share your face towel with anyone else.

  • Exfoliate Regularly:

Our skin sheds millions of cells every day; which keep hanging on our face if you don’t exfoliate regularly. These dead skin cells make our skin look grey, dull and even block our skin pores. Your skin can’t properly breathe or function with all these dead skin cells. So, make sure you remove them regularly by exfoliating. For this, use exfoliation scrubs once or twice in a week.

  1. Know the Right Order of Applying your Skin Products:

Do you know anything about the order of applying products on your skin? Well, if you have never given it a thought, then you are missing something very crucial. Yes, the order in which we apply products on our skin affects it a lot. So, the right order is from the lightest products to the heaviest. For example, first apply toners, then serums, then antioxidants and lastly moisturizers.

  1. Get Proper Hydration:

Your dream of having shining skin can’t become a reality without proper hydration. Yes, you heard it right. So, increase your water intake right now. Go drink a glass of water before you read further. Now, remember that drinking six to eight glasses of water is mandatory for the health of your skin. So, take the pledge to drink water as much as you can.

  1. Wear Less Makeup:

No rulebook says that you can’t step out of your house without wearing makeup. Well, if you avoid it sometimes, then you give a chance to your pores to take in the natural oxygen; which they can’t do otherwise. So, don’t put on heavy makeup daily. Give your skin a much-needed break by going bare sometimes.

So, now that you know all the necessary skincare tips, you are ready to shine! Follow these regularly and rigorously to get that perfect skin.

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