Career opportunities in software engineering after higher secondary school

What is software engineering?

software engineering is a branch of engineering and its deal with design and devlopment of any application or website.

Introduction-Do you play games on any website or in any application on mobile? these games and website are developed by software language of the computer. and these implementations are called software programming. we have required to learn any programming language for making career in software field. some of the popular languages are as follow.

c/c++, Java, .net, PHP, oracle, python, these programming language are used to design and devlopment of games and websites.

well, there are many courses with different durations. but some of them are given- B.E.(Bachelor of engineering in computer science), of technology in computer science), of computer application), of Computer Application), of technology
in computer science)

Courses & Duration-  

B.E./ => 4 year
(under graduation)

M.E./ => 2 year
(Post graduation after B.E/ => 2/3 year
(under graduation) => 2 year
(Post graduation after

             Eligibility Criteria-

for under gradutaion

After complete higher secondary school with pcm group (physics-chemistry-mathematics) or with PCC(physics-chemistry-computer) minimum 50% required in both group.                                    

For post graduation-for admission in post graduation you have to pass your under graduation  with minimum 50% all over the course duration.

Skills required-

There is no any specialization required for starting study in any bachelor program in software fields but in work duration you have to completely be smart with a good learning attitude. work independantly or with team bothes are important. After join any course you have to gain lots of knowledge and specialization in any programming language and understand about data base like mysql

how much cost of it?

 It would cost you 3 to 5 lacks for Bechelor degree in india. and its also depands on institute. for or it would cost you nearing 1 to 1.5 lacks for all over the course.

Demand and supply– it’s not a secret about the demands of a software developer is a most popular occupation in the world. According to a survey there in 147,739 jobs are available in the world and nearly 2 lacks developers are required only in India.

Job prospacts-  

well, its depends on the how many languages do you know and how much is your command on that language.


the average salary of a software developer 239000 on the fresher label but its also depends on that industry in which you work. if we talk about the hourly income of an employee, it could be 49 USD in the US.

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