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Sony SRS-XB501G Portable Wireless Speaker

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Are you looking for a speaker that is effective, extensive, and which has a useful battery life? If yes, then Sony SRS-XB501G portable wireless speaker is all you need to look out for. Sony SRS-XB501G is a portable party speaker, which you can access anywhere. Whether it be a pool-side or inside your home, this speaker can last the entire day, sounds spacious, and gets loud as well. In your home, you can also use it as a networked speaker by plugging it in, and controlling it via Google Assistant. This is the reason which makes this speaker more convenient, and a fine companion to keep by your side.


It has a weight of 2.72kg or 6 lbs, which makes it a large, and a weighty speaker. And that is why Sony has added a convenient and a handy handle for carrying it, which makes it easier for you to handle it in any kind of situation. It has got physical buttons, which allows you to control all the main features effectively, and efficiently. The frame of this speaker looks like a big rock, allowing you to see one woofer and two tweeters. If you want to use its clever functionality, you have to download two applications: the Google Home application which is used to set up the voice assistant, to join it with Sony’s Music Center app. Sony’s Music Center app enables you to have access to tweaks of sound, like Extra Bass, also allowing you to tweak the light display. The thing which is disappointing is that this application is hard to navigate, and is very bare-bones.  Moreover, you can buy this device online using Amazon Offers with great discounts.

This speaker also has a waterproof flap, which conceals the barrel plug, which is used for charging the speaker, and the speaker’s USB-C port. You can either charge the speaker by using its USB-C port or the barrel plug. So, if you don’t have the access to USB-C, then you only have to charge the speaker through its given charger. The other thing which is a bit disappointing is that there is no 3.5mm aux jack, which you can use with the legacy devices. You can also use it via Bluetooth, which makes it a portable wireless speaker. It upholds Google Cast, and Bluetooth 4.2.


It plays loudly without any difficulty and provides a nice balance as compared to two other Sony’s speakers. The “Live mode” of the speaker helps in making the sound of the music much wider. There is also an option of an extra base in the application. You can also make your own custom EQ. Most of the people recommence to keep it in the “Live mode”. The thing that is disappointing is that the speaker’s light show does not respond to its music. This makes the light show less attractive and interesting to watch without responding to the current music. The lights of this speaker also simply just highlight the woofer, and fill the perimeter, than to include the full speaker.

Battery life:

Its battery life is estimated to be sixteen hours. So, if you plan to use this speaker outside loudly, you have to charge the speaker a night before, as charging also takes several hours.

Google Assistant speaker:

The XB501G as a Google assistant speaker is estimated to be an average. This is because of the loud music. The loud music makes you to shout at the speaker, so that it can hear you.


One of the main advantages or you can pros of Sony SRS-XB501G portable wireless speaker is that it is powerful, and provides you with a spacious sound. It has a very good and effective battery life, which allows it to work better as compared to other speakers. The other thing which is produced about this speaker is that it has physical buttons, which allows you to control its major features through these buttons.


One of the main disadvantages or you can say the cons of this speaker is that its voice detection is average. The other thing that people find disappointing is its subpar app experience.  

Conclusion: The Sony SRS-XB501G bridges the gap between a home speaker, as well as a party speaker. So it’s up to you, whether you want to use it in your parties, or if you want to use it inside your home. It is an interesting product, which also offers a balanced sound, IP65 water resistance, spaciousness, along with good and effective battery life. Due to its disadvantage of the light show, and its average voice detection, it might neither be the best smart speaker, nor the wireless speaker. But as it, at last, fills multiple purposes, it is a good all-around compromise. This makes it a strong competitor in both categories. Additionally, if you are looking for Amazon Recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

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