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Special Schooling Wishes to Cause a Financial Crisis in California Schools

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No parent wishes for their children to be disabled. It causes excruciating pain to see your child struggle in a world where he or she is not the same as the rest of the normal children. It is estimated that currently, approximately 93 million children are disabled. These individuals are coping with their lives on a different level as they don’t have the same problems as the rest.

Usually, people have problems making friends or adjusting to the school environment. However, when it comes to disabled and special children, they not only have to overcome physical and emotional problems, but they also have to adjust to their environment and deal with the bullying.

It is a known fact that there are several academic platforms available online that have been established to assist special children. Thus, their parents and guardians ensure to attain aid from cheap dissertation writing services. They have maintained reasonable prices on each of their services as they want to bring ease and financial security in the families of disabled children. There are several schools for special children in California who have almost robbed the families of disabled individuals.

They have set the trend of charging extremely high prices for each of their services and hiring teachers is again hard to afford for them. They don’t consider how such families would manage; after all, it is their right to become educated.

Below discussed are some of the reasons that indicate why there is a need for governmental funds to raise disabled or special children.

Aid Requirement

It is evident that special children require aid in terms of physical needs. It is possible that they might have difficulty hearing or walking or maybe their eyesight is not perfect. For this purpose, it is necessary for children to get some help. They must also ensure regular check-ups with doctors, which can be extremely expensive as well.

Medical Bills

These individuals have to get regular check-ups, which are quite costly. Thus, it should be the responsibility of the government to provide allowances. Several procedures and medicines are a necessity for such individuals. Therefore, there should be setups organized by the government to take care of their monthly expenses so that they can arrange basic medicines and pay for the medicinal procedures to maintain a normal life.

Nurse Care

It is essential at times to keep a nurse for these children 24/7. This becomes extremely vital in case both parents are working, and there is no one to keep an eye on the child for the day. Furthermore, after a certain point, even parents deserve a break, and they should be allowed to relax instead of looking after the child constantly. For this purpose, a nurse is needed to look after the child 24/7.

Special School Fees

We all know that the cost charged by special schools is skyrocketing. On the one hand, it is understandable as you need expert teachers to teach special children. However, if you think about it from the parent’s perspective, it becomes incredibly hard for them to manage the expenses.