Make an Animated Marketing Video Step by Step

Marketing Video Step by Step

The aim to use an animated video for a brand is to increase its awareness amongst people and the business industry. This method increases the sales and conversion rate. Here are some make an animated marketing video.

Have a script:

Having a script is a must. It will act as the sole ground your video is going to be standing on. it has the ability to make your video and break it too, therefore it is important to pay extra attention to it.

Once you have planned out the story as to how your animated video is going to flow; make sure it has a solid beginning and end. A good script has all these attributes; 

  • A smooth flow from start to finish. 
  • It should be well written with a quality context. 
  • It should be simple and yet relatable, easier for viewers to understand. 
  • It should be spoken with an interesting tone that grasps the attention and not put the viewer to sleep. 
  • It is essential for it to be concise and to the point, rather than drifting off from one place to another. 
  • Mention the benefits rather than the features.                             
  • Have an impactful closing because that influences the entire experience for the viewer. 

Use of Storyboard can enhance your animated marketing video:

Storyboard acts like an outline that helps you evaluate your position; it assists with planning out the required steps to be taken throughout the journey. It should require all the needed information, from what the main content in your video will be to what kind of scenes you’ll be using followed by voice-over actors’ requirements and what music you’ll be playing; all this needs to be planned beforehand. also check- Animated Explainer Videos and reasons to use them in business

It all might seem hard to do but it will only come in handy when you’re preparing the end product. 

Having a professional voice-over:

It is crucial to have a professional voice-over; with a proper accent, pronunciations, clarity in their voice and smooth speaking style. As it’s going to be one of the main elements which will grasp the viewers’ attention. A monotonous low tone tends to bore people easily. 

Use of music:

Everyone appreciates a little music since it builds up the momentum. Royalty-free music can be used in animated videos to spice it up and keep it engaging in your animated marketing video. 

Add an emotional element to it:

Instead of going for a promotional script you’d rather go for something which sparks emotion within viewers. It is advised to make them feel like they are the center of attention, this will help them connect with your content even more. 

Optimized title:

Having a neutral and informative title, which shows that you have some major information which the viewer lacks; grasps attention instantly. Another factor to look out for is how your thumbnail looks, it should be pleasing to the eyes and aesthetic. 

Avoid too many icons: 

Over-doing the amount of icons present under your video will disease your viewers. How to Download Videos from Whatsapp and Instagram. You shouldn’t directly ask viewers to promote your video, but instead, leave them the choice of doing it themselves. 

Use of debate in your animated marketing video:

To boost the viewership of your animated video you could add the element of debate within it. As that will invoke the audience’s interest and make them question; which will lead to them engaging more into your animated video and then checking out your brand. Aou can also use Pinterest For Business.

Maintain your individuality:

Being unique is not necessarily an easy task and can be quite challenging. But it helps with appearing on the limelight, easily. Your animated video will have more chances of going viral if it’s been made through a different idea, one which is comparatively new. if your bussines is blog website or you are using blogger then check this- Inspirational Podcasts For Bloggers.


Keep in mind that all of these factors influence your outcome, as to how successful your marketing technique turns out to be. You don’t need to preach in your video, maintain a formal tone but not too formal either, enough to emphasize on the important points of its sole purpose, that is marketing. Speak in second-person narrative; to enhance this furthermore, look at your content through the eyes of your audience. 

Incorporating these steps to your animated video will assist you in gaining what you desire. 

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