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How to reduce Examination Stress

How to reduce Examination Stress while Preparing for Top UPSC Exams?

It’s time to reduce exam stress during IAS exam preparation. So, let us find some simple ways. You can achieve the best results. Remember, stress does not allow you to work with full potential. Anyways, both the exam and stress go hand in hand. Sometimes, even the well-prepared candidates tend to get panic on exam days. IAS…

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Education | Definition of Education by Clinkcareer, definition od education, formal education, informal edutaion, non formal education, education

Education | Definition of Education by Clinkcareer

Education Defination- A process that teaches you and makes educated known as education. OR In which People are being educated is education. OR A process of teaching and learning is known as Education. types of Education- There are mainly three types of education, * Formal Education, * Informal Education and * Non-formal Education. Each of these types is briefly described…

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