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The Pros and Cons of T-Shirt Screen Printing

Last updated on July 23, 2019

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In the Fascia’s metal panels, vinyl sticker and other types of materials, screen printing is the best choice that you will be making here as they are used at the maximum under these applications.

There are several benefits that are associated with screen printing of the t-shirts. The route that you choose should be well informed by the type of project that you have and the type of design you are looking for with screen print Vancouver.

Today we will be focusing on screen printing and whether it is the right type of project for you or not.

Screen printing is often noted to be the old school choice when they are compared to the latest and the popular methods like that of the digital printing and this way screen printing Vancouver is often misconstrued. In several ways, screen printing is still the superior one and also is a decent choice that one makes depending on the projects, so you need not overlook this as the preferred method as a matter of fact.

Flexibility In Terms of Print Material

When it comes to the term of flexibility, screenprint Vancouverstays out of being rivaled on. You can transform the design into creative signs, t-shirts, office stationery and many other as you can print on anything as a base and on the surface of plastic, fabric, metal, and wood. When it comes to the product shape there is a lot of difficulties that arise if you are trying to print the designs onto more obscure shaped products as screen printing is very flexible.

Perfect for the Simple Designs

This is the best method that you can choose if you are trying to print out a simple design or a text. T-shirt screen printing Vancouver is the best on which you can work like this has a solid color and is not based on photography itself and this makes it an ideal choice for printing out the logos, company names, and graphics speaking on the general terms.

Ideal for Higher Print Volume

The lower the cost you come across the more products you have for printing and this is one of the main beauties of screen printing. Screen printing usually needs to be set up once so that you can well prepare your designs and start off well despite having undergone a critical setup process.

If you have a higher volume of products to brand your costs as this will not increase which contrasts more in the methods of digital the T-shirts site any printing usually sold at a flat rate and this is absolutely great.


When it comes to the screen-printed designs they are typically a lot more durable. And this is more than just the likes of heat press or the digital designs and the technicality that are involved in laying down those thick layers of ink being absorbed by the material.

Durability will, therefore, be enhanced while the product is placed under the direct contact with the sunlight often leading up for the material to get faded.

It Requires High Print Volume

Screen printing is not that cost-effective if you undergo smaller quantities to print though it is an ideal choice for higher volumes. Printing in low quantities will not necessarily provide you with a cost-effective result through the setup time is very complex.

Set Up Time

When compared to the digital or heat press printing, the set up for screen printing is even more complicated here. It consumes a lot of time and has a slower turnaround time than that of the other print methods.

There is always a requirement for a new screen with every print. Over the other alternative methods available, t-shirt screen printing has one distinct advantage. It is fast. From a simple 6 color press, between 30-90 t-shirts an hour can be produced.

It is also minimal when it comes to the cost of the inks. Most companies charge the client a one-time setup fee for each color separation as it is time-consuming to set up and clean the screens. In case the customer ever needs to reprint, the screens are usually stored.

A very clean solid color print is the pros of screen printing. Sharp text and great logos. Keeping the printing price low, it is perfect for mass production. Before fading, excellent durability for washing and rewashing it many times. Than its counterparts such as digital printing, it will last many more wash cycles.