The Pros of Simultaneous Interpreting

Have you ever viewed a conference on TV where the speaker is speaking in a foreign language, but you can also hear its interpretation in English at almost the same time? This is a case of simultaneous interpreting and it is widely used across the world, particularly in events, seminars, and conferences of great significance. But why is simultaneous interpreting so popular across worldwide events? Let’s find out the reasons over the course of this blog.

Time and Money Saver

As simultaneous interpreting offers the benefits of real-time interpretation and translation, it saves time for those participating in an event. Consecutive interpreting, a conventional form of interpretation, involves translating speeches part by part, as interpreters and translators listen to a part of the speaker’s speech, translate it and then move on to the next part. However, this can be incredibly time-consuming.

Money too can be saved by organizers through simultaneous interpreting, which can be helpful if the venue hired charges on an hourly basis.

Translation into Multiple Languages

With the right interpretation equipment, simultaneous interpreting can translate speech into a wide variety of languages. This can be particularly helpful in events in which numerous non-native speakers are participating and each participant has his/her own distinct mother tongue.

No Chance of Distractions

Consecutive interpreting is often difficult to follow, even for professional interpreters. As consecutive interpreting has a start-and-stop approach to it, it is less fluid and seamless in nature and can also result in misinterpretations.

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