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Things to Keep in Mind before Renovating Workplace of a Call Centre:

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Call centers are the organizations that handle customer complaints, investigate various issues and provide support to customers for many products and services. Mostly, the work at these centers relates to calling and talking to customers to assist them in various tasks.

The workspace of call centers is very different from the other workspaces. This happens because unlike the other companies, call centers have a unique kind of work that requires a different setup.

People who are planning to renovate a workspace for call center should always keep these special needs in mind. The structure, capacity, and equipment, all differ in a call center as compared to other companies.

So, it’s obvious that the planning of renovating the workspace of a call center should also be different. If you have no idea of how to renovate a workspace of the call center, then you are at the right tab! Yes, we are going to tell the things which you should keep in mind while renovating a workspace of the call center. So, keep reading.

  1. The Layout:

The layout of the workspace should align properly with the needs of the employees. In call centers, the employees need space where they can talk on call without much disturbance. So, you should avoid going to an open area plan.

If you have less space, then you can go with the open seating arrangement. Otherwise, always opt for cabins. You can plan cabins or semi-personal seating areas where 3-4 people can sit together while calling.

The element of disturbance will be present in the open area arrangement because every employee has to talk on call. On the other hand, you can minimize the disturbance by making sound-proof cabins that have a capacity of one or a few employees.

Apart from it, also make a proper layout of storage spaces for products, chilling area for relaxation and proper parking space. The layout should be such that you can utilize maximum space as usually call center has more employees as compared to other offices.

  • The Budget:

You should always plan what you are going to spend on this renovation. Planning the budget helps you in setting your renovation boundaries. Of course, if you have a very low budget, then you can’t go for a full-fledge renovation.

On the contrary, you can hire better designers, contractors and can change the whole looks of a workspace if you have a very high budget. People with medium and low budget can see what are the main things that they need to change. They can focus on changing areas as per their needs.

For example, if you think that you are satisfied with the current reception area of the workspace, then you can skip renovating that particular area to save some amount of your renovation budget.

  • The Ergonomic Furniture:

The employees at a call center have to sit for long hours while solving the queries of customers over the phone. They have to achieve their set targets in the given period of time. So, the seating of a call center should be ergonomic.

The chairs should be comfortable enough so that employees won’t face any pains. The tables should have proper space for all the calling equipment. You can take suggestions from your employees before finalizing the new office furniture.

You can also buy a few sample chairs and tables in the beginning to check their comfort level. It will help you in finding the right furniture for your employees. You can also add a few relaxing sofas or bean bags so that employees can relax during their breaks.

  • The Design Plan or Interiors:

You also need a design plan to renovate your call center. Many people consider designing their own office to save the costs of hiring interior designers. But, you should resist this idea because it just looks tempting. In reality, this idea turns out to be a disaster most of the times.

The interior designer teams have experience in creating design plans for various types of offices. They know which color combinations, designs, and patterns would be suitable to increase the productivity of your employees as well as to make the workplace aesthetically pleasing.

So, hire a designing team for this part. You can assist them in familiarising them with the brand, knowing your taste and your expectations from the new office interiors. But, without professional help, this whole process will become quite difficult for you.

  • Employees Input:

Your employees are going to spend more time than you in the workspace. So, knowing their expectations holds utmost importance. Usually, companies don’t take input from employees before finalizing new designs, layouts and color schemes of the workspace.

Due to it, they sometimes miss catering to the most important problems that employees are facing with the current infrastructure.  So, to avoid all this, you should hear the perspective of your employees before making any renovation plans.

You can hold a meeting for this purpose, or you can also ask your employees to submit all their feedbacks and suggestions related to office infrastructure in a write-up. In this way, you can get an idea of your employees’ expectations and issues. You should not forget this one thing for sure.

  • The Future:

As a company owner, you must want to make a renovation plan that works in the long run. So, you should keep the future aspect always in mind. You should renovate in such a way so that your new call center can accommodate the employees for the next one-two years.

For this, you need to calculate the number of employees that you are planning to hire in the upcoming year. We know that calculating the exact number quite difficult, but you can have a rough idea.

It will help you in buying the equipment, placing the work desks and utilizing the available space according to the quantity of the workforce. So, always consider the future of your business before renovating your call center.

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