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Things Which You Must Know About Commercial Roofing

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When the need is to repair or install a roofing system on your commercial property, you need to hire a roofing expert from a reputed commercial roofing company. You may ask what so different about commercial roofers and why residential roofers cannot do it? So, to explain this you need to know first the difference between commercial and residential roofing.

Residential Vs Commercial roof

The design of commercial and residential roofs does vary. Commercial roofs either have a low slope or remains completely flat. On the other hand, the residential roof remains steeper with higher slopes. The commercial roof needs to consider the weight to bear of the equipment that will be placed on it. Such features are not applicable for residential roof and if something needs to be installed on it then that will max be a solar panel or water tank. Commercial roofs are larger as it needs to cover a huge area. Here the residential roofs are not that big and very easy to maintain and install. Commercial roofing contractors have expertise in installing both commercial and residential roofs. But it’s difficult for the residential roofers to manage the installation of commercial roofs if not having required expertise in the job.

commercial roofing

You need to have a thorough understanding of the concept of commercial roofing in case you are planning to hire the contractors for installation or commercial roof repair. 


One of the vital features of a commercial roof is its composition. You must understand that there is a difference between single-ply and built-up roofing. If you are expanding over the years then chances are high that the main roof is of one type material and then add ones are made of some other material. If you are not sure about the industrial roofing composition then it’s important that you search for commercial roofing companies. The experts will supervise the roof completely and share with you the existing composition of the roof. They will also assist you in choosing the right material for repair or fresh installation of the roof.


Just like humans, age remains a key factor to consider in case of roofs health too. The age of the roof can be calculated in two ways. One is chronologically and the other one is chemical. The ultraviolet rays of the sun break down the chemicals present in all roofing materials just getting it aged faster than actual. Depending on the nature of aging, the roofing contractor will suggest if it needs a commercial flat roof repair or complete fresh installation of the roof. 

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Roofing structure:

Very few people are aware, that commercial roofing is a bit different than residential roofing. The structural complexity of the commercial establishment will be different than the structure of any residential home. The technique of installation of commercial roofing is far more different than residential. This is not the only difference that you can notice in commercial roofing. Starting From the materials used to contractor expertise, there so many things to take into consideration before the commercial roof gets installed. 

Repair accounts: 

Just the way you maintain careful records of the rooftop visitors, ensure you keep records of the repairs too. Such recording needs to have diagrams and photographs of the accurate point which underwent repair and also its composition. When the repair is of the internal drain, it may expose the layers of your roof deck, while in case of seam repair the contractors may need to reach down up to insulation only. Keeping such records will keep you aware when and which section of the roofs already received repair services and will serve you how long in the coming time. Depending on the current roofing system condition maintenance procedure and commercial roofing services for repair techniques will be decided. 

Manufacturing Warranty:

This is the most important thing that you cannot miss to ignore. The maximum commercial roofing system comes with full or pro-rated warranties against all types of manufacturing defects, installation errors, materials, and malfunctioning. Just note down or collect documents from the roofing company about the details of the warranty. This will keep you update about the cover you have and for what duration.


You being the owner of the property for which the commercial roofing installation is done you need to ensure that you keep it in good condition. For that you need to make sure that your roof is having Proper Design, efficient Drainage System, effective Roof Ventilation and best maintenance plan for the roof. The protection of the roof will be possible for you when you opt for an annual maintenance plan from the best roofing service provider near to you.

Many companies will promise you to offer the best services in regards to commercial roof installation and maintenance services. But you cannot go with them just based on their words. You need to check the reviews and experience of the company before you sign the contract for the roofing project. Almeida Roofing, Inc. is one of the leading and reputed Arizona contractors of the industry on which you can confidently bank upon for all your commercial roofing needs. Because of years of experience in the industry this company can offer you the finest quality services at the best price.

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