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Thinking about renovating your office?

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There comes a point in time when every business considers revamping their office environment and ambience by renovating their premises. A commercial renovation or move is quite challenging and it has the capacity of hampering the daily operations of your business. This applies to every business size, industry or market. There are so many different factors which can influence your commercial renovation that most businesses make huge mistakes which can induce an array of different problems. This is exactly why we have articulated a list tips which will help you successfully manage your new project.

Make Sure Your Entire Team Is On Board

One of the most common mistakes businesses make while moving or renovating is not informing the entire team. Each department head should sit down with their team and educate them regarding the office renovation. Even though most of the work will be done after office hours, the constant hammering of nails and heavy equipment can seriously deter the productivity of your workforce. However, if they are informed beforehand these employees will be prepared to handle the chaos.

Ascertain Your Renovation Budget

Before you start with your renovation or even contact a contractor, we would recommend allocating a realistic budget. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of estimate the contractor provides, the cost is always higher. As the renovation begins, so many costs will start to surface and we would recommend preparing for these costs by creating a contingency budget as well. Having a clearly defined budget will help you determine what kind of renovation you would like to implement and the cost of the project.

Consider Trading Your Current Office Furniture

Furniture On Rent
Furniture On Rent

Instead of selling your current furniture for a low price, we would recommend using Y BUY IT instead, this is a trading app which allows users to trade their items for new or different ones. This app has helped countless businesses trade their current office furniture and find furniture which matches their specifications. If that’s not enough, you can also find furniture on rent by using this app. So if you are looking for a temporary fix for your office you can simply obtain furniture on rent. This is perfect for businesses who need to get their hands on furniture immediately or want to invest in brand new furniture when it is feasible. Let’s face it a commercial renovation requires a lot of capital and every penny you save can easily be redirected towards your company.

Craft a Renovation Strategy

Before you contact an architect or any type of contractor, we would recommend devising your own renovation strategy. You should try to incorporate your office culture in the ambience as this would help boost productivity. Try and find areas of your office which need immediate repairs or maintenance and prioritize bathrooms as they tend to be the most expensive and time consuming projects. Sit with your team and pool in ideas to create a picture of how the office should look after the renovation. It is important to determine whether you are looking for a long time renovation project or a short fix. You should consider spatial improvement as your main focus as this will help you make the best of the space that you have available. Once you devise your own personalized strategy, the next step is contacting a renowned commercial contractor.

Find the best commercial contractors

Many businesses have unfortunately suffered the horror of hiring a contractor which only had domestic experience. You will need to streamline your research and find those contractors which specialize in commercial renovation projects. A simple google search would give you details of thousands of contractors who operate in your area, we would recommend contacting the top three. Ask for a quote from each contractor and a work plan which clearly defines the timeline of the project. Professional contractors will also provide you with different strategies to mitigate the disturbance caused by the renovation. Once you get a quote from all three companies you can choose which contractor best matches your specifications. 

Continuously stay on top of things

If you really want your commercial renovation to be a big success, then you will constantly need to monitor the progress of your renovation project. What you need to understand is that this renovation inherently disrupts the overall productivity of your business and the longer the project takes, the more your business is affected. If you hire a renowned contractor they should be able to complete the project in a timely manner but there are many out there which do not have the resources to complete big commercial projects effectively. This is why it is very important that you stay on top of things and constantly check if your project is on the right track. Sometimes many hindrances only surface once the renovation project has begun but if you are managing effectively, you should be able to keep the project on track. Keeping your budget into perspective will be much easier if you maintain a level of control over the commercial renovation project.   

Make use of the tech available

Furniture On Rent
Furniture On Rent

Every year thousands of digital tools are being developed which can help businesses in an array of different ways. Your tech team should be able to source tools or applications which are specifically designed for commercial projects. These tools can provide you with in-depth knowledge of the project and will provide a detailed critical analysis path of your commercial renovation. Rest assured, most of these tools are completely free and readily available online. By now you should know exactly how you can implement a commercial renovation project effectively. At the end of the day, this renovation project of yours is a team effort so make sure you use all of the resources you have available. Even something as simple as getting furniture on rent can go a really long way in terms of helping your disposable capital. So make sure you pay attention to every detail before you start renovating your business to perfection. 

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