how to Increase Traffic on Fitnes Pages all tips in 2020

Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Fitness Pages

many peoples are still search over internet how to Increase Traffic on Fitnes Pages. in this post we will see all the factors and loop holes while you want to boost Traffic organically on Fitnes Pages.

People are becoming health conscious. Many of them have started eating a clean, healthy and nutritious diet followed by a high-intensity workout routine.

Demand for Increase Traffic on Fitness Pages-

Therefore, the demand for fitness knowledge and expert’s advice has increased as well as its a big deal to increase traffic on their business.

Highlighting these many fitness enthusiasts have started their fitness brands on social media, promoting their work, health and lifestyle routine. This is becoming a trend that is influencing many lives.

Role of social media on fitness pages-

The fitness influencers are taking the game up to a different level by doing social media marketing for their respective brands.

According to this, it can be noted that social media marketing is emerging as a marketing tactic to gain more brand awareness, brand reach, customer base, and profits eventually.

Social media marketing is not only boosting luxury brands but is also proving a promotional chance for small and medium-sized businesses.

Need for new business:

New businesses are attracted to social media marketing because of its undeniable benefits.

It helps the brand reach more a more targeted audience, with a specified need and product-based interest.

Also, they can invest some amount to reach a more diverse goal. Hence, social media marketing can not be ignored for how to increase traffice on social media pages.

Some Comon Banifits of Social media-

The primary benefit of social media marketing is interaction. Young people are so active on social media that they are aware of every single update affecting the entire industry globally.

Social media is a source of information, allowing people to conduct effective communication beyond borders.

Therefore, international fitness experts are also being followed by foreign nationals organically. 

Providing so many benefits, a social media marketing strategy should incorporate a proper marketing plan to reach higher goals.

The essence of the brand-building lies in these factors stated below

  • Share Fitness Related Content
  • Post 2 Times a Day
  • Share Real-Time Stories

Share Fitness Related Content:

Posting images is not always a great idea for increasing traffic on social media pages. Sometimes, it requires important informational research as well to highlight health trends.

Fitness pages require such informational content to be presented in a creatively designed post, that can not be done without seeking professional assistance.

Hence, hiring a healthcare social media marketing agency can help you share such content.

Post 2 Times a Day: It will definatly help you to Increase Traffic on Fitness Pages

  • Social media marketing comprises of numerous social platforms, but for brand building, Instagram and Facebook are the preferred ones.
  • Instagram and Facebook provide joint exposure to different page followers and are synced in a way that is easy to share and post content.
  • The essence of this synchronization should not be ignored. It means that if a fitness expert posting anything on Instagram he can easily share it on Facebook as well without a separate login.
  • These technological benefits provide easy for fitness brands to share content from one network to another.
  • Therefore, avoiding the time constraints and allowing pages to post more content daily.
  • Highlighting the fact it is recommended by all social profiles to post at least two times daily at peak hours to boost engagement.
  • Instagram and Facebook are platforms where everyone interacts comfortably and this interaction is important as it helps in spreading the word of mouth.
  • Word of mouth is important for instance if someone compliments your page or workout tips, it becomes a free marketing review that may impact others as well.
  • Therefore, to boost such comments more posts required at specific hours to increase traffic on your fitness profiles.

Marketing a fitness profile by highlight important fitness tips, health research on nutritional food, calorie counting tips, and simple exercises can increase social traffic on your page.

People love to ask for free tips and if your page is interactive you can take advantage of it.

you can also make Inspirational Podcasts it can also help you to Increase Traffic on Fitnes Pages.

Simple and attractive hading can help you to Increase Traffic on Fitness Pages-

Sharing a simple “Did You Know?”, content or “10 Simple Exercises to Burn Fat Fast” will help increase traffic. If traffic increases you can reach masses and develop a distinctive brand name among competitors.

Therefore, healthcare social media marketing should not be taken for granted. 

Share Real-Time Stories:

Sharing is free on social media until it is paid for promotion. Any content can become viral if it has a strong transformational message in it while you are not on Digital Marketing.

For instance, sharing your before-after image, or any weight loss image of your follower can make the post go viral. 

Social media posts do not have geographical boundaries. It can reach masses if proper hashtags are used related to the image content.


Therefore, to boost it internationally without paying for it, use such weight-loss transformational images with a proper hashtag strategy.

Furthermore, it is also an integral part of increasing traffic to share a simple morning walk, night workout or healthy cooking story to gain more followers.

You can increase traffic by going live on Instagram and Facebook. Your page followers will get a notification and they can join in too.


This will develop a bond between your brand and your followers, so that they may feel comfortable interacting with your page.

Thus, increasing your social profile traffic.

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