Top 10 Apps Development Companies for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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Planning your holiday season can be pretty stressful. You have your friends to contact and schedule the meetups then family and tons of other hassles to take care of. As the year draws towards its end you get your hopes high to enjoy the most of the season. Despite the workload, you begin to plan things in advance yet there are a lot of problems that you might encounter. So, to help you out here is a list of some of the most amazing mobile apps for the holiday season.


You can get the latest updates about the juicy meal recipes to try this on Thanksgiving. The app has a panel of expert chefs who come up with exciting recipes that can sweep you off the floor in excitement. With fine garnishing, everything looks perfect and mouth-watering. Over hundred recipes are there to delight you. You can treat your taste buds and give them the touch of joy by trying yummiest recipes. The features this app provides help the app development company to develop a responsive app. 

NYT Cooking

The great New York Times cooking app is bundled with over seventeen thousand recipes. Having a brief list of ingredients and step by step procedure to cook, the app is perfect even for newbies. So, if you do not have a proper cooking experience you can learn a lot from the NYT app. There is one more great idea for you. You can link the app with Evernote to help yourself note down the steps and recipes.

The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide

The Manischewitz app can contribute to enhancing your meal preparation. On holiday season, the real struggle is deciding which meal to choose. You want to delight your guest and come up with something that is equally tasty and unique. So, the app is best for you if you want to try something innovative. You will get detailed instructions and methods to follow for preparing meals in less time and with greater perfection.

Real Simple Gift Guide

The real question is what to choose as a present? Some people just get stuck when it comes to selecting a gift present. So, here is the right app for you. Now simply select the category of the gift and scroll through the collection to purchase the most amazing gift for your closed ones. The interface is so sleek and the collection is properly organized. Now you do not have to worry about travelling from store to store. Everything is present under a singlehood.

Cool Hunting Gift Guide

Do you hang out with a bunch of hippies? Are you looking for gifts to give your hunter friend? Here is the app that can help you effectively. The Cool Hunting Gift Guide is a hub full of gifts for hipper crowd. The collection is specially designed with cool stuff having tattoos imprinted or interesting patterns to give a much more stylish look. There is everything that you might need to fill your closet. The price range is affordable as well.


INSTACART is the right app to run errands for you. Now you do not have to prepare a lengthy grocery list and take the time out to fill grocery bags. You can simply check the app and tap onto the items you want to buy. The app will deliver those items on your doorsteps. You do not have to get involved in trouble or hassle. You can simply get your stuff under budget. Whether it’s ordering a pasta or a flower vase.

Santa’s Bag 

Are you a shopaholic? Well if so then you surely need the app Santa’s bag. The app is designed to help users keep a check on their purchases. You can track all your purchases and the gift items you shop. You can even check your bill and receipts. The app has a clean and sleek interface, which look fascinating to use. Moreover, you can also find out the right time you purchased an item. You can make a list of each gift with the name of the person to whom it belongs. It will help you in reminding yourself about the people who are left to buy gifts for. 

Christmas Gift List

The great thing about the gift-tracking app is that it keeps things private. Your kids or anyone cannot open the app and snoop around discovering your gift list. You can hide things for as long as you can. The password-protected app is the right thing when you are planning to throw a surprise party at the occasion. The app will archive your gift and will assist you in managing the party very well all along executing each one of your plan perfectly.

Chanukah Guide App

The app is just the right addition to your festive season. It is designed to enhance the excitement and make people cherish every moment joyfully. The app has video tutorials, candles, prayers, tips to manage the households when hosting parties and many other short courses that make sure you enjoy your time of the day. 

Level Money

When it comes to gathering and parties, it becomes hard to keep a check on the finances. You feel troubled to know how you can manage your expenses. So, it’s best to download the app, Level Money. It will guide you throw transaction reports and statistics about how to keep a tap onto your bills. It has a very interactive interface with sleek functionality to allow users to enjoy their time in managing their bills. Every slot is rightly labelled with flawless record of traction.

Wrap Up  Make your holiday season a blast of fun and excitement and start downloading the best app of the year. Simply check the review and get the one that fits your needs.

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