Top 10 Logo Creation Tools for Newbies

Affordable Logo Design

Graphics designing is one of the most significant fields in digital marketing. It shapes the perspectives and infuses the messages proficiently. It is used to indirectly hijack the minds of viewers and makes them do what the marketer wants.

Undoubtedly, graphic designs appeal to the viewers with every other feature and aspect. The shapes and patterns all contribute to defining the meaning and influences to breed excellence. In the massive field of graphic designing, logos have a very special place. The smallest asset can make a bigger difference. It can create the entire outlook of a brand’s personality. It can actually define the company’s policies and help the marketer to target the audience effectively.

To create one you need proper resources. Although it seems to be the tiniest asset but it requires a lot of struggle and brainstorming to make an appeal. You may find a number of guidelines but the right logo is a product of high tech tools or advanced software. So, here is a list of tools you can use to create an affordable logo design. Read on to get equipped with the top resources.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is one of the tools that is preferred by even the newbies along with professionals. It is user-friendly and utterly professional. With its massive perspective grid, it helps the user to create a realistic depth in the design. You can use the drag and drop features to complete your idea and produce an enriching design.

Logo maker

Logo maker is more like a lifesaver. It can help you cater to bulk of logo making projects. It has a gallery full of features and templates. You can choose industry-specific images and icons to complete your design. The adjustment tools add the real essence needed to polish the aesthetics. It facilitates the users with a variety of customization tools. The tool comes with an easy to use toolkit that facilitates to make any design meticulously.

Laughing bird

Laughing bird has over 170 templates that help the user in adding special effects in text. As per the trends, you can make bold and engaging logos to entice your viewers. The tool is equipped with highly interactive templates that drive brilliance efficiently. The design tool provides users with the privilege to create a huge number of designs at minimal rates. You can even use the tool to fine-tune your designing skills.

Logo Design Studio Pro

Logo Design Studio Pro provides vector graphic tools and templates to the users. It helps the users in adding a captivating impact in their images. You can create indulging graphics using the 6000 vectors. The design elements are unique and enhance the overall appeal of the aesthetics. Much like Adobe, it’s premium account is a bit expensive but it truly worth it. You can drag and drop features to create an appealing design.


LogoYes is the right platform for beginners. Its user-friendly dashboard and the drag and drop rules make it simpler to create a captivating logo. You can boost the conversion rats of your brand and generate profit more than the initial investment only by getting a logo that truly amuses. The tool is highly professional and is cost-effective. It provides a gallery full of icons and templates. In the smallest budget, you get to make the design look compelling.


Sothink is one of the utterly professional logo maker. It has over 300 templates and makes it easier for the designer to add an engaging impact on the design. You can make typography logos and even the critical geometrical one as well. The design features are rich with aesthetics and help you present your idea most proficiently. You can customize your logo and adds an interesting flair in it.


Designhill is ideal for designers who can come up with innovative ideas. You can work on high-resolution picture quality and get to notice every inch of your pattern. The logos can be created in multiple files with each having a compelling flair. The software is known for its user-friendly interface and a dashboard full of many options for the target users.


Canva is famous among the beginners. Even if you do not have any hardcore graphic designing skills you can produce a phenomenal design that will generate tons of views. With a single glance, you get to attract your viewers. It has the drag and drops editor with multiple best quality templates. The package is affordable and lets you unleash your hidden artist. You can create designs that look targeted and have the richness of the design.


Looka is one of its kind. Its specialty is that it is backed with the superhuman intelligence of AI, which makes it easier for the users to produce enthralling logos. You cannot only dip your hands in logo designing but can also try out different branding assets. You can select colors from a huge variety of palette. Each shade has its own palette that makes it easier for the designer to fill in the appeal. The AI bots read and predict your behavior and act accordingly that make the tool even more resourceful.

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful is a premium logo making tool that is equipped with a huge bundle of features. You do not have to learn any skill. Simply have a vision and get on the platform to try new ways of bringing out compelling aspects in your idea. Whether you want to work on adding negative shadows or try different logotypes, you get full liberty to avail the maximum support.

Logo Design

Wrap Up

Logo making tools are equipped with many features. Some are good at making certain types of logos while others assist you with every designing goal. So, if you want to get the best tool you need to evaluate your needs first. You then have to see if the tool fits your requirement. You can even check the feedback and customer reviews to know about the possible loopholes.

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