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Top 5 Best Sports for Kids

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People of all ages have always loved and played some sport, even if it’s just once, in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter if we’re good at it or not; we all have played sports as kids and even as grownups. Kids, however, have a stronger bond with sports as they are in their growing stages where they have a lot of energy and want to use it in doing something fun.

What Are Sports?

“Sports” is a very broad term. It basically comprises of a physical activity where you are competing with either someone else or yourself. Sports can be played individually, in pairs or in teams, depending on which sport you are playing.

Kids are getting more and more involved in playing sports even in the growing technological age because they are really good at it, love it or want to come off as cool. Let’s be honest, an athlete does seem pretty cool.

There are several other reasons as well that kids want to participate and be good at sports. Some kids are natural thrill-seekers who want to glide around on their skateboards or run around after a ball in a huge grassy field. Some kids love their cycles and would jump around, doing tricks with them all day.

Although sports come with a lot of danger and risk, it is that danger that helps kids grow and overcome their fear. It is important that parents keep a keen eye on their kids regarding their safety and take all the necessary precautions. However, it is also important that kids are allowed to explore their individuality, fears and ability to bravely go through dangerous situations.

There are many sports that kids love to play. We will mention some of them that haven’t been quite popular or mainstream before but are getting more and more attention and involvement from kids now.


Parkour is a sport which involves going from one point to another by overcoming obstacles by running, jumping, sliding and dodging. This sport is derived from military obstacle training. If kids start doing it at an early age, they can literally bounce off walls and become extremely good at it.

Doing parkour comes with the development of a strong body and stamina since the sport requires high speed, a lot of upper and lower body strength and, most importantly, timing. Doing parkour will also prepare your kid for other sports because of the strength and speed they will develop.

Kids already love running around, so there’s no harm if they do that while learning some skills and developing a strong, toned body with firm muscles and sturdy bones.

This sport does come with its risks, ranging from small bruises to broken bones. The best way to see if your kid can do good in this sport is by taking a few trial lessons at a reliable training facility.


Skateboarding is another sport which is gaining popularity quite rapidly with new skate parks opening up, new competitions taking place, and more coverage on TV. A remarkable proof of the increasing popularity of skateboarding is the fact that it has been added as a new event in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Children can get involved in skateboarding at a very young age with guidance and safety precautions. If they are wearing proper skateboarding gear like helmet and elbow and knee pads, they will be safe from injuries. The most common injuries are minor cuts and bruises on the hands, knees, elbows, etc.


tennis sports

Tennis is usually classified as an individual sport. It can also be considered an amazing sport because individuality and solo effort are key in sports.

Kids can start practicing at an early age. All you need to do is to buy them a tennis racquet for beginners and a tennis ball. They can easily practice in their backyard with you until they are grown enough to take lessons from a professional.

Tennis does not come with many risks either. The most that can happen is a bruised leg or maybe a muscle pull due to a fall. Maybe the kid can get hit by a ball, but there’s nothing serious.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a fun activity, especially for kids. It’s like a simulation of climbing an actual rock or mountain. Kids have to climb a rock-type artificial structure which has steps or small openings to hold onto.

Climbing the rock is trial and error because not every step will lead to the top of the structure. This allows and motivates children to think critically and creatively. It also tests their patience and strength as they are holding onto the step, thinking of possible ways to climb their way up.

Kids can apply their problem-solving skills that they learn in class and from other activities in this sport. It really helps your kid with their mental and physical growth, and they learn to be calm and use their brains effectively in tough situations within a limited timeframe.

BMX Motocross

If your kids love to ride their bicycles all the time, this sport might be the one for them. BMX motocross involves athletes riding special BMX bicycles along dirt trails and various other off-road tracks.

Kids as young as 5 years old can join a class where they will be taught how to ride BMX bicycles and pedal them properly. This will greatly enhance your child’s strength and skill.


Kids are quick learners, so if you want your kid to be active and really good at something, it is best if you let them choose whichever sport they want to participate in, whether it is an extreme or a traditional sport. Playing grooms your child in ways that a teacher, school, book or video game never can. If your kid is interested in the sport, they will give it their all and come home with valuable skills.

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