5 Best SEO Tips, Practices and Triends In 2020

10 Trends to Know in SEO & amp: Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is one such dynamic field that undergoes changes due to the changing algorithms of the search engines now and then. But the most important thing is that you have to be more update on best SEO tips in 2020.

Computer Science and its allied fields are constantly undergoing changes and the trend changes every time. Big words change quite often.

People and companies strive to survive each change. But, it is still of no doubt that SEO experts are still on the ranks when it comes to the jobs of scope in the future.

With such aberrations happening, it’s important that you updated SEO techniques in 2020 to get your pages in the game! Rankhawn provides the best digital marketing services in Bangalore including the SEO services.

Here are a few tips on SEO Triends for the year 2020.

BERT algorithm – User intended content

With Google introducing BERT algorithm in 2019, a lot of changes have already taken place in the search style making it easier for the users to get the content that they intended, but putting the clients confused about the fluctuations in the rankings after the rollout of the updates.

The Broad Core updates of January 2020 as announced by Google SearchLiaison has put the web makers in panic.

The only way to survive the same is to create great quality content.

Few features like restricting the featured snippet links not to appear in the top 10 organic search results help the user, adds a bit of grit on the providers.

What the new trend needs are to provide the user’s search intent, rather than to just match the keywords.

Connectors, conjunctions all would decide the results of the search that appear.

This needs to be tackled by knowing what the users really want. Knowing their issues correctly and having an intuition of the search is one way to face it.

With Machine Learning and NLP not backing down any time near, the shift of the search engines from keywords to intent is very much evident.

The type of content you deliver.

Above and all of the tricks and tips, SEO has always been about the content. The type of content you deliver, the website architecture, the backlinking structure, all decides the ranking.

With the user’s point of view, the providers need to structure the content based on the way the user wants. knowing of user expactation is the best way to understand seo in 2020. and its (best seo tips) the greates openion on my way to seo Practices and Triends In 2020.

The writers need to know the real intention behind the user’s search and provide them with the solutions to their issues.

Videos are the new trend and statistically, a large number of audiences prefer videos over written content.
But the best way might be to include written content, images, embedded videos etc.

Social media presence is also the key to get people to know about your presence online. Podcasts are a big word coming up in the near future and maybe a buzz word for 2020.

Getting a famous personality in your niche for an interview or a session on your new podcast can grab more attention and traffic.

This will eventually add up to your visibility online.

A well-formulated social media strategy can integrate the people flooding into the content.


2020 will be that year when Google will rank the companies and the publishers under the company based on the E-A-T factors. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Users must be able to click on your content based on the authoritativeness you put up.

The expertise that you have in surviving each change can take the companies to higher positions.

But the other sites with low reputation, low service experience, etc can further be considered as security and technical glitches from the search engine’s point of view.

Less quality content and fake content will be on focus to be removed. Google has exercised methods to outweigh them and to weigh the trustworthy and authoritative content.

When Expertise, Authoritativeness, and trustworthiness factors get combined with the popular SEO checklists, the visibility gets improved. Please click digital marketing career to know about how to start a career in digital marketing

Brand Building and visibility

Building your brand and placing your positions on online space falls on to SEOs due to the immense impact the same can effect upon.

With zero-click results in 2019 reducing the traffic, On-SERP SEO will be gaining the chance for a counter strike in 2020, experts say.

So, the blue linking is not the sole aim of SEO in 2020, but to actually build your brand and increase your marketing and visibility.

The knowledge graph of Google will keep track of the local business and has a patent for the same too.

Local SEO has been entity based for years and Google will see you as an entity when you keep updating your content and make a sharp voice on the online space.

Technical SEO – Not to forget

Search engines work by the three phases of Crawling- Indexing – Ranking. Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the web pages for the crawling and indexing phases.

The infrastructure of the webpage is to optimise with the new algorithms.

Technical SEO is more focused on UX – the user experience. Google does a lot automatically to increase the pages rank.

Focus more on the site speed, page speed, and other factors, you can go way up the list.

The website’s speed, XML sitemap, responsiveness, URL structure etc are all part of the technical SEO checklist.

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