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Top Famous Beaches of Goa that you should add in your Bucket List:

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Goa is one of the favorite tourists’ destinations of India. People from all over the world come here to enjoy a laid back beach vacay. Yes, the 105 km long coastline of Goa makes it a beach hub. You will find picturesque beaches at every next turn in Goa.

Goa tourism is indeed very popular as you can see groups of pals, couples, newlyweds, families and even solo travelers heading to Goa for a fun-filled holiday. Amidst so many beaches, choosing a few to visit becomes a really difficult task in Goa.

Some tourists visit any beach that comes first in their way, but then they would miss some of the best beaches of Goa due to this random selection. If you are going to visit Goa, then you must get all the fun by visiting all the top popular beaches of the state.

Considering this, we have curated the list of top hot beaches of Goa which you must add in your bucket list before actually going to Goa. Let’s have a look:

  1. Baga Beach:

If you are looking for a beach that offers scenic vistas along with vibrant vibes, then you should add Baga Beach in your list. It is one of the most famous beaches in Goa and usually visited by groups of friends and families.

Get ready to be blown away by powerful sea waves, mouth-watering seafood and pulsating music on this beach. The nightlife and parties on this beach are also very popular. You can also chill at the welcoming beach shacks after an exhilarating swimming session.

  • Calangute Beach:

Famously known as the “Queen of Goa Beaches”, Calangute Beach is also a very popular and happening beach of Goa. The authentic Goan cuisine offered at the beach shacks and beachside restaurants is the main highlight of this beach.

This is one of the friendliest beaches of Goa for international tourists; that’s why you may find lots of foreigners sunbathing here. So, if you are planning to find some international buddies in Goa, then this is the place to go! You can also indulge in water sports here.

  • Sinquerim Beach:

The vast expanse of golden sand and a majestic fort adorn Sinquerim Beach. This beach is mainly popular for water sports; so you must go there if you wish to try some water adventures.

Visit any beach shack to satiate your hunger or put your beach mat below any towering palm tree after having a fun-filled experience in the water. You can also explore the Aguada Fort that is located in the backdrop of this beach.

  • Palolem Beach:

Palolem beach is labeled as Goa’s finest beach, and you will agree that it properly lives up to its title after visiting it. This beach features big rocks jutting out on the seashore and along a palm-fringed stretch of sand.

Palolem Beach is mainly visited by fisherman, foreigners and novice swimmers as the slow currents of water waves are ideal for safe and easy swimming. Unlike the other beaches of Goa, this one is quite serene; so solitude seekers must pay a visit here.

  • Vagator Beach:

Vagator Beach presents rustic charms and picturesque greenery; which is why people who want to unwind their mind in the tranquil atmosphere must go there. Nature admirers and couples who want to spend some undisturbed time love this beach the most.

This beach remains highly clean and serene because of which it can be compared to some of the private beaches of Goa. You can also sit on the spectacular cliffs tucked amidst water to enjoy the enthralling views of sunsets here!

  • Anjuna Beach:

If you are going to visit Goa with your buddies, then you should add Anjuna Beach in your bucket list. This beach is the favorite chilling spot for fun lovers and party animals because lots of popular beach clubs and shacks are located in its vicinity.

The unusual rock formation, gently swaying palm trees and far-flung sand makes it a beautiful sight as well. You can also enjoy rave parties and full moon parties with trance music here. So, Anjuna Beach is a true blend of beauty and liveliness.

  • Morjim Beach:

Morjim Beach is one of a few serene beaches of Goa that provides calming vibes. This secluded beach is perfect for a relaxing outing, and people go there to find an escape from the liveliness of Goa.

So, you should head to this beach after partying like hell to relax in the lap of nature. People also come here for a tranquil stroll or for some private time. It is also known as the “turtle beach” due to the turtle nesting places that are spread over this beach.

  • Aramol Beach:

Aramol is the northernmost beach of Goa that is famous among budget travelers and families. The best thing is the simple huts over the cliff that is a budget-friendly yet scenic accommodation option for the tourists.        

This beach also houses some shacks where you can enjoy awesome seafood along with other food options. Aramol Beach is curved shaped, and it also consists of many guards due to which it is safe for small kids as well.

  • Colva Beach:

Colva Beach is a quite big beach of Goa as it is stretched over 2.4 km area and meets Bogmalo Beach in its north and Cabo de Rama Beach in its south. The golden sands, coconut plantation and the party vibes of this beach make it as happening as other famous beaches of Goa.

This beach remains flooded with Indian as well as foreign tourists. The beach shacks and pubs make this beach truly vibrant. If you love the hustle-bustle and wants to mingle up with tourists, then you must visit this beach of Goa.

So, get ready for a fun-packed vacation and pack your most stunning swimwears to visit the top famous beaches of Goa. Let the party begin and see how Goa turns into the most happening destination!   

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