Every person that is intrigued with even a small spark towards designing this content should surely be of an asset to them. Anyone interested in taking a break from their profession or professional activity can surely enhance their knowledge by reading in these blogs that are a reliable source for information and a manner to stay in tacked to the trending aspects of the market especially a key subject at present that is Graphic Designing. Investing in these top/ best graphic design blogs will surely expose you to inspirational content that will drive you towards a higher sense of perspective.  

It is important for readers to avail and the trending and reliable knowledge in regards to the blog investing in. Making it crucial to take help from these top listed blogs mentioned below. So that reader gets inspired via the blog rather than get diverted and spend time scrolling on Instagram or wasting time elsewhere. Even though it is seen that younger audiences enjoy topics based on graphic designs due to all the advances and various influences that have invaded the industry especially through the vibrant custom logo design that is continuously streamed. Each of the mentioned blogs mentioned below is a great medium to avail of inspiration as they provide quality and trending information. 

Here are the most preferred and viewed graphic design blogs:

Professional Custom Logo Design

1- Mirador

Mirador is a premiering blog that is featured by “Say What Studio” which is one of the most reputable and known graphic design duos that is based in Paris. The duo has been able to utilize this platform extensively to display their creation as they have been able to continuously curate enticing and inspirational works. The blog Mirador has acted as an asset to them to project residing featuring via as the platform has shared their projects and collection on the platform persistently.    

2- Made by Folk

Founded in the year 2007 that was previously popularly known under the tag line “FromFiftFive”. Made by Folk was formed by a large group of professional custom logo design, illustrators, coders and creators that were utterly eager to collectively share with the audience the industry’s most redefining and highlighting work of designs that resided from across every platform. The blog ever since is now reckoned to be a recognizable and reputable international medium that is used to display creativity. Certainly, it is a blog one should read for sure especially those designers that crave to spontaneously learn of new trends.

3- Design Week

Design Week was established in the year 1987 and ever since then it was considered to be UK’s leading design magazine until the year 2011. The same year 2011 was the year it decided to cater to its online audience as well. Yet it remains to be a key medium that has been able to provide quality well-composed news that continues to inspire the reads of various contexts such as graphics, branding, interior, logos/ furniture designs, products and quite a lot more. 

4- Abduzeedo

A blog that was introduced in the year 2006 by a Brazilian designer named Fabio Sasso. The blog is a direct projection of the individual writer who shares his in-depth knowledge through various articles that are based on Architecture, UX, Photography, and design. It especially is a great medium to attain knowledge on every 3D collided evolution that is being introduced. Even though 3D is a difficult and variant subject to cover Abduzeedo can justifiably provide/ cover the attention given to it.

5- Created Reviews

Creative Reviews was established in the year 1980 as one of the world’s leading monthly magazine. As it covered the topics of design, advertising, and even visual cultures extensively and exclusively. The blog has yet maintained its standards when it comes to quality journalism with an outstanding amount of outreach that it is known to provide. It is a widely popular medium that is averse in terms of catering to popular websites, reviews, news, and feature creativity from across the globe.

6- OMG Lord

The well-acclaimed designer Gabby Lord has brought this blog together. OMG Lord is a weekly newsletter that is incredibly comprised to inspire a variety of ranged subjects. The blog resides to numerous knowledgeable topics being covered extensively. Subjects that are catered to exclusively on this blog are related to creativity, design, and process that is also well arranged with various aiding resources to the content. 

7- Eye Magazine

The magazine is comprised of international reviewed content that is most essentially grounded to international reviews from known reputable and renowned graphic designers. Even though it is routine on a quarterly timeline publishing. It is also known to feature graphic designs and visual culture through every aspect. The blog is well-associated with a wide array of crucial information that is inscribed in regards to designs and visual culture.