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Top Universities in the UAE- Making a Decision

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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If you’ve just got out of a college, now’s the perfect time to search for universities to apply to. It’s a difficult decision to choose your preferred university amongst the diverse options available in the UAE. Choosing a university all depends on a student’s preference, and it depends on factors such as Tuition Fees, the programs it has to offer, the qualifications of the faculty etc. It is true that foreign students might fancy those universities that have a lower Tuition Fees, but they do keep an eye out for the universities that are recognized globally. Students all around the globe aspire and dream to study in such universities.

Choosing a university in UAE might be a difficult choice, but here are the top universities in UAE you can apply to: –

  • Higher Colleges of Technology:

The Higher Colleges of Technology is a public university based in the small city of Al-Ain. Not only that, but it also has multiple campuses in lavish cities such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and in other cities as well. HCT offers different courses and programs that eventually guide a student towards Higher Education Degrees. During the 2015-16 academic session, roughly 14,829 female students, and 8644 male students enrolled at all 17 campuses throughout the country. Some programs that the HCT has to offer are accredited internationally. For example, HCT’s Bachelor of Education degree was recognized by the University of Melbourne, Australia. The programs it has to offer are listed as below;

  1. Applied Media
  2. Business
  3. Computer Information Science
  4. Education
  5. Engineering Technology and Science
  6. General Studies

Apart from these programs the HCT has to offer, there is also an option of Foundation Courses. It basically prepares a student in meeting the Bachelor Degree requirements. In other cases, if a student does not meet the Foundation Studies Requirement, he is expected to take part in the Pre-Foundation Courses.

  • United Arab Emirates University:

The Unites Arab Emirates University is also another leading university present in the UAE. It’s also situated in the small city of Al-Ain. The UAEU currently has about 14,000 students, both international and domestic, enrolled. The university itself has six other smaller campuses establishes as well. The United Arab Emirates University is also currently working for the welfare of the country, and has also established research centers and institutes that are of strategic importance to the country itself. UAEU also has some of its programs and degrees recognized on an international scale. The UAEU Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in the following 9 colleges:

  1. College of Business and Economics
  2. College of Education
  3. College of Engineering
  4. College of Food and Agriculture
  5. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  6. College of Information Technology
  7. College of Law
  8. College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  9. College of Science

In addition to Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, the UAEU also conducts education courses and also hosts the Emirates Health Services, and that polishes one’s medical skills as a result.

  • Caucasus International University:

The CIU isn’t exactly located in the UAE. It’s a private university situated in Tblisi- Georgia. This university was established in 2004 on the foundation of Caucasus School of Business during the country’s transitional period. That refers to the time when Georgia was making attempts to move from a Planned Economic System to a Free Market Economy. The CIU has come a long way over time and is now considered as a prominent university for higher education. However, there’s a group located in Sharjah called the Al-Saah group. Al-Saah is known for many of the services it offers, but the most well-known amongst them is Educational Consultancy. It basically helps students within the UAE to apply for universities abroad, like Georgia. Caucasus University is a well renowned university in the country, and currently consists of 8 different types of schools. These include:

  1. School of Business
  2. School of Law
  3. School of Media
  4. School of Technology
  5. School of Governance
  6. School of Social Sciences
  7. School of Tourism
  8. School of Healthcare

These include a wide variety of programs and it is to be noted that all the programs the university offers are certified. This means that these programs are recognized in different parts of Europe.

Making a Decision: Well the universities mentioned above are our top picks, because we really do believe these are the Top Universities in UAE for higher studies a student can apply in as per now. There’s a chance that these universities may or may not cater to a student’s needs. However, there are numerous other universities present throughout UAE that might not be well recognized, but a student’s got to start somewhere. Making a decision is entirely up to the student himself, and it’s necessary for him to choose that specific field that truly excites him and is of his interest.