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Each decade has its own characteristics and trends: fashion and habits change over the years. In the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, however, other factors also come into play. Every year, thanks to advances in technology and continuous research, new, more performing, less invasive and more effective treatments are developed. The combination of the two aspects, sector research and fashion, defines the new trends of this year. Let’s find out 5 trends in plastic surgery in 2020.

1. Botox Will Be Increasingly Popular, Even Among Young People

Botulinum toxin has many advantages in medicine, not least its application in the field of aesthetics Belfast. However, botox is often associated with treatments dedicated to an advanced age group, in order to relax the skin and wrinkles. In fact, the botulinum has the ability to relax the muscles and, consequently, the overlying skin, significantly reducing or eliminating large and small wrinkles. In 2020, however, the trend will concern not only the treatment, but the prevention of wrinkles. Botox, with different dosages and treatments, is also applicable on the youngest and will be increasingly in vogue. The effect is lighter: it is not a question of smoothing out deep wrinkles, but of compacting the tissues, giving a brighter appearance. The skill of the surgeon in this case is crucial: each treatment will have to be assessed case by case, carefully considering the dosages.

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2. Semi-Permanent Makeup Will Not Be Just For Eyes, Lips and Eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup is a fairly widespread practice that consists of micro-injections of semi-permanent makeup in the skin. It is similar to a tattoo, but the pigments used are all bio-restorable (therefore after a few months they disappear) and hypoallergenic. It is a treatment that is performed by a specialized professional, as it is a question of respecting the lines and harmonies of the face. Semi-permanent makeup is very popular for retouching eyebrows, but also for lips and eyes. From South Korea, home of skin care and face treatments, a new practice arrives that could revolutionize the sector: the glow. The semi-permanent make-up on the entire face, still being approved on the western market, will aim to improve the appearance of the complexion. And goodbye foundation!

3. Fat Burner Treatments Will Be Increasingly Innovative and Painless

It is called cryolipolysis and is a non-invasive and absolutely painless treatment to eliminate fat. Operation is very simple: the device freezes fat cells, triggering a metabolic process of self-destruction of fat, without damaging the skin. Thanks to cryolipolysis, saying goodbye to the pads on the stomach, hips or buttocks without resorting to surgery is really easy: the treatment, in fact, allows you to immediately resume daily life and after 4-6 weeks – the time it takes our body to expel fat cells – you can observe the result. In 2020, more and more people will resort to these non-invasive, painless and relatively low-cost treatments.

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4. The New Filler of The Year? The One on The Jaw

Strange, but true: 2020 will be the year of the jaw filler. New procedures, characterized by fillers not only of hyaluronic acid, will improve and define the angle of the jaw. Again, expert medical support is essential. The treatment is non-invasive and practically painless: swellings or soreness may occur which can disappear in a couple of days. The jaw filler will be a popular treatment not only among women, but also among men.

5. The Filler Most Loved By Men Will Be the Chin Filler

The chin also wants its part. As with the jaw, this treatment is independent of gender and, indeed, more and more men are interested in this type of Lip fillers in Belfast. You work deeper with a more volatizing compound: it is not just a matter of filling, but of giving structure. As with the jaw, recovery times are not necessary, only mild swelling in the affected area.

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