USB Detected But Not Showing In My Computer – Hassle-Free Solution

usb drive detected but not showing my computer

Tired of USB detected but not showing in my computer issue? Now you are relieving! Here we generated few troubleshooting steps to assist. Just try them one by one until your issues is resolved. The best professional and reliable SysTools USB Recovery Software is available for downloading if data recovery is required.

“I have a LG USB drive that working well before. But from yesterday it seems there is something wrong with my USB drive. Whenever I plug it into my PC, usb device recognized but not showing data in my computer. Is there any solution to resolve this issue? I have many crucial data files on it.”

Are you suffering from this similar issues that mentioned above? If yes, then you are on right place! In this write up we will discussed few troubleshooting steps to assist. Just try them one by one until your problem is resolved.

USB Detected But Data is Not Showing in My Computer

When users said the usb detected but is not accessible, did users mean the USB drive not showing data files and folders or that the usb device recognized but not showing in my computer?

USB Drive Recognized But Data is Not Showing

You can just format your USB drive then try SysTools USB Recovery Software to recover your formatted data from USB drive. This tool recover data from USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, and SD card etc. This tool provides supports to recover raw partition data. It supports multiple languages to recover data. It provides two different data scanning modes, Scan and formatted scan. It your data is deleted or corrupted then you can try Scan option. It you format your data then try formatted scan option. Tool recover files from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted USB drive. Application supports to recover lost data files from dynamic disk. It provides two option of data saving save selected data or save entire data. This software has simple GUI. Technical and non technical both users can use this utility.

Steps to Recover Formatted Data from USB Drive

You can try four simple steps to recover formatted files from USB. Just try it and recover your data instantly with any data loss issues.

  1. Download and install Pen Drive Recovery Software on your Windows computer
  2. Now application provides you two data recovery option you can select formatted scan instead of Scan option
  3. View restored data files in the application panel
  4. Finally, you can save restored data files from USB drive at any destination.

How To Resolve When USB Detected But Not Showing in My Computer

  1. Preliminary checks
  2. Check for device compatibility
  3. Update your operating system
  4. Windows Troubleshooter tool
  5. Use Disk Management tool
  6. Try plugging into a different computer or USB port
  7. Troubleshoot drivers
  8. Use Device Manager to scan for hardware changes
  9. Generate new drive volume and allot a drive letter
  10. Disable USB Selective Suspend feature

Whenever you face this issue you can check all above mentioned things to make your USB drive detectable. Few are describe below:

Preliminary Checks

  • Check That Your USB Device Is On. When you attach your USB drive to your PC, This should perfectly turn on mechanically with flashing lights on the unit pointing state. Few portions have a dedicated power cable, or physical power button that users have to turn on manually, for their pc to detect it.
  • Analyse USB Drive For Cracks. This is possible that USB drive could have been damaged without users knowledge, so check it physically thought out any problems before trying again.
  • Restart Your PC. It may be an old tech support thing, but it fixes a lot of problem, especially those caused by application flaws. Disconnect the USB drive, shut down your PC and disconnect it from the power source. Wait up to one minute before restarting your system and trying the USB drive again.
  • Permit Your PC To Load Fully before trying the USB drive again. Few pc can be slow and get overpowered by the various operations they have to run during start-up, so it’s possible that your USB drive might be acquiring overlooked.

Check For Disk Characteristic

If your USB drive isn’t meant to work with your PC, then it won’t show up when you plug it in. In Windows PCs, most USB 3 devices can attach to USB 2 ports, which shouldn’t be much difficulty.

However, with advances in technology, a USB 3 device may necessitate a more powerful and compatible port to work. Check your device’s instruction manual or packaging for compatibility details before trying again.

Update Your Operating System

If users are using Windows, updating the operating system comes with crucial data files that support various hardware and devices, plus fixes to any errors users may encounter.

  • Open settings then update security
  • Hit check for update. If there are any pending updates, download and restart your PC before trying your USB drive again.

We have provides you few simple manual solution to resolve USB drive detected but not showing in my computer. But as we know manual methods have some limitation.

Final Verdict

We think that you are smart enough to understand that the free solution having some limitations which affect the process badly. So, This is highly recommended to utilize an alternative which is USB drive recovery. When you perform the manual solution then, may be you lose your important data. So, with the help of professional third party software, you can easily get your data back within a few minutes. And most importantly, it is the best and reliable way to resolve USB detected but not showing in my computer issue without any hassle. Tool provides free demo version users can check software efficiency and then decide to recover formatted data from USB drive.

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