Time flies by and how! We are already in the 7th month of 2019, and I am sure there are some achievements that you are proud of from the previous year. But what you need to do in the coming year and beyond. In the pressure to complete the assigned tasks and please the upper management or the immediate supervisor, people commit mistakes that either completely ruins the work they are performing or make it even more difficult than it should be.

Self-management is the key here for making you a success story. I will try to list 6 of those mistakes that you should completely avoid from now to refrain from difficulty and embarrassment at the workplace and in your professional life. 

1. Trying to Perform Every Task Completely on your Own

The mistake that people commit is mostly related to choosing not to delegate the task and trying to get all the accolades in front of the management or supervisor. While for a small task like creating a 10-slide presentation it might be OK but keeping so much workload onto oneself can result in fatigue and burnout which can be deadly for your professional as well as personal life. Start to resolve by simply asking someone to get help rather than trying out to complete a particular task the hard way.

Don’t ever feel shy about asking someone to join you in a task or get an expert’s advice on a matter you are not so sure. The hesitancy in these cases makes people commit mistakes that can turn into blunders and the cause; your over-reliance on your abilities and trying to complete the task all by yourself. A productivity software in this concern will help you whether you work 9-5 or own a small business/startup.

2. Being aggressive for all the Wrong Reasons

There is a thin line between assertiveness and aggressiveness, and people usually cross it unintentionally. You may recall one or two situations for sure when you tried to act assertive but ending up being over aggressive or even hostile towards a colleague. In situations like these, your colleague may not argue with you at that moment, but the harm will be done. There is nothing wrong in being confident but familiarize yourself crossing the red-line and become aggressive in your tone or action.

A person always in an aggressive mood may be looked upon as a bully and a rude one. You need to think about what occasions during the last year you acted like one. Surely very few people do that intentionally, and I am certain you don’t want to be included in this list. So, try to act rationally in every situation regardless of your role and responsibility so, in the end, you don’t end up as the bully in the office.

3. Work Hard but Stop Being the Workaholic

You don’t need to act as a workaholic trying to work long hours with always being the last man to checkout from the office. There is no joy in missing the birthday of your loved ones and missing all the fun while working till midnight. Try to finish the job in the scheduled time; otherwise, there is always the next day! If you are not able to manage the tasks assigned to you or assigned by you to your subordinates, you need to use a task tracking software in this concern. 

Don’t get the impression that I am making you go home early before completing the assigned tasks. This is certainly your duty but doesn’t overburden yourself thinking about tasks that are due for the subsequent days. Being a top performer is not about sitting late at the office but coming up with results and that you can do in the office timings.

4. Need to Work Hard for Desired Results

You can recall countless times in the last year alone how you couldn’t finalize a deal with a potential or current client just because you made fewer follow-through calls or emails. Another reason can be your presentation or the deal itself, which may be not good enough for the client, but the follow-up, in any case, is important. It’s not such a skill that you have to master over time; be vigilant and make the all-important calls so that the client knows there is a deal which he can grab anytime.

Many people have the wrong idea that follow-through is not that important, and its pure luck that a potential client brings in real business for you. It is rather your intentions, your ability to be organized and simply ready to make every move to persuade the client. But a simple follow-through can also do, and that’s why don’t forget this step ever in the future.

5. Not Defying the Anxiety Factor 

While it’s important to be optimistic about the company and your overall performance, it’s equally imperative about don’t let anxiety creeping in your mind. The adverse effects of having anxiety in the employees can be immense and can turn a profitable venture into chaos in no time. Insecurities about the job, increment, bonuses, etc. can lead to anxiety. Also, a disagreement on any issue with your manager or management can be a reason for this.

You need to be optimistic about your future at any company and don’t let the anxiety play a negative role in your productivity. If you are facing an extreme level of anxiety, do consult a therapist or consultant to make sure you are in a perfect condition to work without any pressure. 

6. Not Believing in Yourself 

Does a voice in your head sometimes tell you that you can’t do a task and you adhere to its command? Well, it happens with all of us. There are times when a simple enough task looks like next to impossible just because we are not giving in our full. The belief in yourself is the key to make even an impossible task simplifying in a matter of hours. Just try, and you’ll see the change.

Always challenge yourself with tasks that most of your employees tend to skip. Take the assistance of senior colleagues in this regard so that you can at least give it a try. Always remember that this trial won’t give you the feeling that you made a mistake by giving-in and get over your self-limiting beliefs. 

Over to you

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