Ways To Avoid Office Politics

Ways To Avoid Office Politics

Leadership seminars that offer six sigma training in the Philippines offer the best solutions for issues that occur in the office. Apart from gossip, office politics compromise the values of a company and could, later on, cause negative effects on the overall efficiency of the workplace. With that, it is your duty as an employee to either distance yourself from political people or help alleviate the issue. From simply finding the right model to look up to and becoming a giver to neutralizing negativity, here are some effective ways to avoid situations wherein you can wind up in office politics.

Become a Giver

The key to avoiding office drama or politics is to be the better person amongst all types of political people in the office. Naturally, people tend to abuse the good nature of their co-workers. Never let this fact be the reason to become like one of them. Instead, take the mindset of being an asset by your actions to the company and not words. 

Find the Right Role Model

Choosing a role model to look up to in the office does not have to be someone in authority. Make a list of qualities and standards you wish to see from a role model. It can be anyone who values integrity, teamwork, or they can be simply empathetic. By having the right model in the company, you are leaning towards being just like the person and tend to act as they do. 

Get Familiarized with the Organization Chart

One of the best ways to avoid politics in the office is to know who and where the power comes from. Map the political power and influence of your organization rather than using people’s ranks and job titles as a basis. You should be able to tell who are the influencers, the most respected or highly regarded, as well as the champions, and mentors. By knowing this, you will recognize the people to avoid in the office.

Watch Out For Political People

Learning how to avoid office politics is not enough if you have no idea the person or people to be careful about. With that, here is a list of the four types of political people you must watch out for. 

  • Climbers

Climbers in the office are like social climbers, except in the office setting. These are the kind of people who aspire to advance themselves on the company ladder. Regardless of whether they are already stepping on their co-workers or being harsh to themselves, they will do everything at any cost to get what they want. They are the ones that project the values of the company to make themselves look like they are living it. A climber usually uses the first person when talking. These include “I”, “me”, and “mine”.  

  • Hurdlers

Hurdlers have the same goals as climbers. They are eager to advance themselves to higher positions. The key difference between them is that climbers would do everything themselves, and hurdlers would propel themselves forward through other people. More than climbers, hurdlers do not care and feel guilty for using you to move forward in the company. Dramatically speaking, these are the kind of people who will push their bosses off the bridge or throw them under the bus to remove the barriers that hinder their promotion. These are the people who take credit for the team’s collective idea. They would use “we” and “us” but at the end of their statement, hurdlers will still lift their own boats. 

  • Takers

Compared to hurdlers and climbers, these takers are the kind of individuals who share the same goal but have a different level of drive and desire to obtain it. As the name suggests, they are ready to take anything given to them. Whether it is help, advice, or suggestive ideas. They will only take but will never reciprocate. For instance, a team member needs help in doing a task and you are knowledgeable of it. As a concerned teammate, you will naturally walk them through everything down to the nitty-gritty parts of the task. Come the time that you need help from them and they will not be there for you. 

  • Checkers

If there is one thing that is in the mind of a checker, it must be that they will only do tasks stated under their job descriptions. Otherwise, they will shrug off the assigned task, pass it to someone else, or deliver mediocre results. The checkers in the office are the least harmful in the office setting. They are just basically there to do their daily tasks and leave the office once they are done. Despite that, you have to beware of these kinds of people. Since they only do their work the day and never extend their hand to someone, they have plenty of time to walk and talk around the office. This is where gossip usually starts. 

Neutralize Negative Politics

Being in an organization with burning office politics may force you to fight or take flight. Fighting politics does not mean joining in, it is more of being neutral about the situation. Prevent yourself from fueling the fire by shrugging off rumors, taking your time to assess the situation and source of information. Use your rational and critical skills in determining whether the information you obtained is credible or not. 

Key Takeaway

Companies with growing office politics should consider subjecting the entire organization, from the C-level down to the administrative employees, to leadership seminars that offer six sigma training in the Philippines. The duty of the management does not stop in helping their employees advance their careers work-wise but also improves their behavior and attitude for their well-being. At the end of the day, the entire workforce is an asset. If there is a burning office politics going around, not many people will remain happy doing their jobs for you. 

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