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Ways to keep storage and kitchen of your workplace organized

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It is not necessary that your office owns a spacious and stylish kitchen or storage space, more important in life is to focus on something that you have rather than complaining about what you don’t. Just keep the space clean and organized, you will notice the difference. Don’t forget, physical clutter is mental clutter.

When your work areas are clean and mess-free, it inspires creativity and increases productivity which are vital elements to spend a successful day in the office. But when you are overloaded with e-mail, important documents, and new tasks in the office, it seems hard to keep your workspaces organized. Let’s know some of the basic hacks to keep storage and kitchen of your workplace organized.

Managing Space

The first thing to keep in mind is to manage space, keep the layout of your storage and kitchen simple to make them look spacious and bright. After all, you are paying for every inch, so you should design it in such a way that every inch should count. Remember, the area doesn’t matter, what matters is the way you manage the space. Invest in some good quality storage boxes or you can select desks and cabinets with extra storage capacity.

Remember to Keep Proper Storage For Everything

Imagine if you don’t have a proper place to put the important items used in daily life such as files, pens, calculators, etc. What will be the end result? A big mess and an equally big loss. A desk with drawers is a good start along with filing cabinets, shelves, and even storage cabinets helps you in managing small things needed to run your business neatly.

Also, its not only about your office furniture management same goes to the kitchen of your workspace, if you will not keep small items such as spoon, plates, forks, knives, etc in place they will go missing and in the hour of need, when there will be a client or an important guest in the office you will find nothing to serve them or only the broken pieces, which will be very embarrassing.

Don’t go purchasing a whole new closet to keep the things save, use already available option. Another best practice is to label everything, either its storage or kitchen space, it will save your time and you will easily find the items whenever you need them. Remember, assigning a place for everything is important, but what matters more is you should learn to put the item back once you are done. Also, don’t mix and match, dedicate shelf for particular items, such as one for binders and another for pens, pencils, etc.

Keep the Space Clean

What keeps people happy and satisfied is a clean environment. Especially if it is about storage area and kitchen, you need to be extra careful. Because it is associated with hygiene and can lead to health issues in an employee. Also, if you will not keep these important areas clean, there are chances the eating materials such as snacks will come in contact with air, if not kept in proper sealed containers. This will definitely increase the wastage of food as well as money.

Keep Important Things in Close Proximity

If something is used daily, then keep it in reach. There are few things that are used daily depending upon your job responsibilities keep them in the drawer right next to you. On the other hand, there are things that are used once in a week keep them in the closet that you don’t open or use daily. Even in pantry areas, there are few things without which day is impossible such as spoons, glasses, plates, etc keep them in open and within reach. And then there are few items which are used only for special guests or clients, keep them safe in a closet which is not used daily.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Mess

Don’t dwell the habit of piling up. If you find something is not of any use or too old to be used and just wasting the space in your storage or kitchen, just get rid of them. Keep checking the expiry date of all the eatables and if they are expired don’t fill the space unnecessarily, take them out. Similarly, there are documents that don’t need to be kept forever, just assign a discard date to those important documents. And once you realize that the particular date is passed, drop them in the paper cutter and get rid of them.

Organize the Wires Or Cables

This one is important in the 21st century, the rise in technology gave birth to the proliferation of wires and cables. Along with the safety threat, these unsightly cables can lead to excessive dust and can make you feel more disorganized. Try to cover these wires as much as you can, buy channels from a hardware store, attach them in the back of the desk and route the cables through them while making them out of the sight. Keeping these cables invisible creates the impression of a clutter-free, wireless workplace.

Eating at Desk Should Be Prohibited

Eating at your desk is not a good habit, use a pantry or kitchen area for eating. Because it can leave a mess of crumbs and stickiness all over in your work area. Never forget to equip your office with a designated area where employees can eat and relax, it will minimize desktop dirt while providing your team a gathering place to relax.

Having a clean workspace in a budget is easier to attain, you just need to remind everyone that an organized workspace can be maintained by a combined effort of all. At the end of the day, everyone should make it a habit to clear all the trash out of the desk and put everything in place. A clean office creates a more efficient working environment and if you will follow the above important instructions you will easily keep your office storage and kitchen organized while saving lot of wastage as well as money.

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