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What Cause Hair Loss in Teenagers?

What Cause Hair Loss in Teenagers

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“I am 15 and I have been losing a large number of hairs for the past 6 months. I now take care of my hair but this issue does not seem to be stopped.” Sara, 15, London.

School life and college days represent a unique time of life because you are passionate about different ideas during this time. Teenage is marked by a number of mental and physical changes that cause much trouble for boys and girls. Some extra care coupled with a suitable hair loss treatment can fix this issue.

What causes hair loss in teenagers? How teenage hair loss can be fixed? This article discusses the causes of hair loss in teenagers.

If you are a teenager and want to overcome your hair loss problem, this topic is for you.

Hair Loss Problem Around the World  

Around the globe, people of all ages can experience abnormal hair loss due to a number of reasons. Some people can have this issue due to genetic reasons while others may develop it due to poor lifestyle and food choices. Let’s have a look at the most common causes of hair loss.

What Cause Hair Loss in Teenagers?

As mentioned above, a number of reasons contribute to the loss of hair in teenage boys and girls. Let’s discuss some common causes of hair loss in teenagers. Here are the leading causes of hair fall in teenagers:

  • Hormones: Some sort of hormonal imbalance can occur due to an imbalance of hormones in boys and girls.
  • Over-Styling: Some hairstyling habits can also harm your hair. For example, regularly heating hair to straighten it can be harmful.
  • Medications: Some medications can induce hair loss. For example, chemotherapy and contraceptives can cause hair fall problem.
  • Poor Nutrition: The hair needs some nutrients and if your food does not have those nutrients, you can suffer from hair loss.
  • Prolonged Stress: Some people constantly take stress which is not good for mental and physical health.It can also cause abnormal hair loss.
  • Genetic Reasons: Some people can experience hair loss if one or both the parents had this issue. It is not necessary and some people may not have it despite parents having it.
  • Deeper Medical Condition: Some serious illnesses are linked to hair loss. It could be due to unregulated diabetes, scalp infection, skin disorders, an overactive/underactive thyroid, or trichotillomania.

Fixing Hair Fall in Teenage Girls and Boys

Here are some proven tips to be followed to fix hair loss in young boys and girls:

What Cause Hair Loss in Teenagers?
  • Try to eat more foods that are rich in omega-3s.
  • Make sure you eat a significant amount of iron regularly.
  • Try to eat a well-balanced diet and take small meals at a time.
  • Always try a treatment to fix if you have a hormonal imbalance.
  • Try to handle tasks or matters intelligently if they are causing stress.
  • Regularly stimulate the scalp with massage to increase blood supply.
  • Do not regularly use hairstyling irons or hair straighteners because they can hurt.
  • Always brush and wash the hair gently (use nourishing oils, e.g. argan or coconut oil, to nourish).

Advanced Treatments for Hair Loss Problem

Some advanced treatments are available and you should consult an expert to know how to fix it. If you are a victim of this problem, you can try any of the following options:

  • Oral Medications
  • Topical Medications
  • Low-Level Hair Therapy
  • PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Please note that hair loss can cause hair thinning and baldness which takes huge efforts to fix. While hair thinning can be cured with non-surgical options, baldness may require hair transplant.

Too young people cannot be good candidates for hair transplant. A person with age 25 or more can have this surgical procedure. If you are a teenager with baldness problem, wait for some time to have it.

Teenage Hair Loss: The End Result

This article discussed the causes of hair loss in teenagers. If you are a teenager and want to overcome your hair loss problem, this topic can help you. Some methods to fix hair loss has been discussed above and you can try any of them to stop losing hair. To learn more about hair loss treatment options you can try, consider visiting a hair care expert in your city.