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Who are the people involve in cyber crime? How to reach them?

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Cybercriminals are single or grouped people who act online fraud (토토) through technology to perform evil movements using digital systems or organizations to thieve secrecy of specific company or institute and earn money according to their demands. Every cybercrime team is specialist in specific crime. Rules and Laws concerning to cybercrime are exposing cybercrimes all over the world.  agencies who enforce laws are also working continuously to find, arrest and punish them when any cybercriminal is identified.

It is not necessary that every hacker would be cybercriminal. Cybercriminals hack and investigate computer data only for evil purposes but hackers don’t perform such as always for bad aims. It would be Consider that They are just finding the new ways to operate computer system. In this articles we will try to highlight the variety of cybercriminals and at the end we will discuss the ways how to find them. There are some types of cybercriminals as discussed below:

Identify thieves:

one of the cybercriminals type is identify thieves. These criminals try to approach target’s personal information (name, address, contact number, job location, bank details, credit card details). After getting these details, they make financial proceedings as they become like targeted person. It is an old cybercrime type that was prominent in beginning of computer technology. Basically they adopt the method of replacing personal data. With the advancement in technology and techniques there are many identify thieves who are stealing database of many government organizations and corporates. These type of cybercriminals effect at large scales.

Internet stalkers:

Persons who acrimoniously trace the activity on internet of their targeted people to get the personal data are called internet stalkers. These cybercriminals perform their activity through social media sources and malware through which every little activity of victims can be traced. The purpose of these attacks may varied depending on cybercriminals. But most common purposes are hush money or to involve in scandals.  So we can say that internet stalkers are very dangerous and they blackmail at any platform.


cyber criminals are called phishers who trace personal or secret data through computers of the targeted objects. Mostly this is traced through phishing websites that are only designed for copying of small-scale businesses, government websites or organizations. No doubt, sometimes computer users become victims of these scammers and they provide their personal data to phishers who mostly use this data themselves to get the results or sell the data on black websites. This results into decrease of business or money transfers.

Cyber terrorists:

Cyber terrorists are politically motivated individuals or teams. It is well organized and well trained chain to harm at high levels. Cyber terrorists thieve data or corrupt organization, government’s data or computer networks resulting to damage business, countries, organizations or even singles. This is just done for the Seeking of money. Main Difference between cyber terrorism and regular cyber-attack is that cyber terrorists are politically trained.

Ways to protect from cybercriminals:

To prevent the organizations from cyber-attacks, there are various countermeasures that security experts apply.  Here we will discuss some countermeasures to take a holistic approach.

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