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Why Packaging Designs are Important in the Makeup Industry:

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The packaging is a very significant aspect of the cosmetics and makeup industry. Yes, people do judge the book by its cover subconsciously. Here, by books, we mean inner makeup products. In the market full of zillions of beauty products, customers can’t know about each product.

In this scenario, outer packaging and beauty of the products become the guiding star at the time of making purchase decisions. The products that have attractive and eye-catching packaging capture the attention of buyers.

Indeed, holding the attention of people is the first step to influence their final purchase decision. In the makeup industry, being successful in this first step is crucial due to the cutthroat competition.

To understand the importance of packaging in the makeup industry, we have to go through a few points. After reading these points, you will never doubt the significance of packaging designs of makeup products.

  1. Tell about a Brand:

Brand matters a lot in the makeup industry. People hesitate in buying products of new makeup brands. This happens because mostly, makeup products are used on the skin, and no one likes to experiment with their appearance and skin.

Wrong products can show various side effects so; consumers like to stick to the known brands. In this situation, new brands can gain costumers only through great packaging. Less known and fresh brands can build their identity by selling high-quality products.

Customers will know about their quality only when they will be lured to buy these new products. So, a packaging design helps in spreading brand awareness. It means that every brand gets an opportunity to prove its authenticity and efficiency through product packaging.

  • Compel the Buyers through Aesthetic Appeal:

People are internally inclined to things that have strong aesthetic appeal. An extraordinarily beautiful or unique thing can compel more people than a usual or common thing. This is the reason why people love to buy products that look luxurious.

Even the beauty bloggers or influencers also comment on the outer beauty of a makeup product while writing a review about it. The comments like “the bottle is luxurious” “the box is sleek or sophisticated’ says it all.

It means that people take the outer beauty of a product into consideration while purchasing it. People determine the level of luxury of a product through its container style, the colors, and design. So, packaging designs form the aesthetic appeal of a makeup product.

  • Convey a Meaning:

The packaging design of a product also conveys a meaning. The colors used in the design, the patters and typography say a lot about the product. This outer design provides instant meaning and information related to a makeup product.

Talking about meaning, every color means something. For example, red is often used in the packaging of anti-aging products. Organic products use colors like white, silver and green to bring out the natural aspect of the product.

On the other hand, clay and charcoal-based masks often come in black color bottle or box with minimalistic designs because of black means power. So, the package designs convey a meaning or a message by using colors as per the color psychology.

  • Make a Product Instagram Worthy:

In today’s time, people love to flaunt what they buy. The thinking of the present generation is quite different. They are so much attached to social media that the urge to get praises on these platforms highly affects their decisions.

That’s why people will more likely to buy a makeup product that is more “Instagram worthy”. Yes, a product that will look good on their story, a luxurious looking product that can give them a high number of likes and comments.

Makeup brands can use this weakness in the present generation by creating praiseworthy product packages. This will also give good social media exposure to the brand because more people will know about a makeup brand when someone will post the product images on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Affect the Durability of Products:

Package design in makeup industry also affects the overall durability of a product. People buy products that are easy to use and will remain fresh for a longer duration. Bottles that are hard to squeeze or long glass containers with narrow openings are mostly disliked by buyers.

This happens because usually people have to cut the squeezing bottles in the end to use the substance, and they can’t reach the bottom of the narrow glass bottles which leads to wastage of the cream or foundation that sticks at the bottom. All of these aspects make such packaging designs less durable.

In addition, buyers also don’t like to purchase products that have loose caps or easily breakable openings. Of course, these products need extra care as they can spill easily in the makeup box or the purse. So, packaging design also affects the durability and practicality of a makeup product.

  • Impact Product Information:

Package design also impacts the information present on the product package. For using a new makeup product, people need proper guidance and the steps to use it properly. Usually, these steps are present on every makeup product.

But, the wrong or over-filled designs can make this information less readable. People find it difficult to use such products. On the contrary, a properly design product package inform users about the method of use and the benefits of the product, etc.

Some people also read the ingredients of a makeup product because they have certain allergies. They ensure that the product is right for them or not by reading the list of ingredients. Every package contains this type of information, but the way of presentation and the clarity depends on the packaging design.

Thus, the importance of package designing in the makeup industry can’t be neglected. Makeup brands who understand it makes their space in the makeup industry by using the packaging designs correctly. On the other hand, brands that ignore it always keep striving to make their mark but seldom succeed.

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