Windows 10 Updated Problems and Its Solutions

Windows 10 update problem

The latest cumulative update for windows 10 causes system slowdown and even crashes but is fixed

What is happening with windows 10 since the April 2018 update begins to escape the understanding of many of its users and who writes this. In addition to all the major problems that have been reported on the windows 10 October update, the 1809 update, the system does not stop causing problems with cumulative updates that in principle come to fix the great string of bugs that were already present.

Instead, as we say, the arrival of new operational problems does not stop. A few days ago we talked about how to avoid blue screens brought about by a cumulative update, the update kb4493509 from April 9 released as “patch Tuesday” for the October 2019 update is causing major slowdowns in the system and even mild and prolonged crashes. It does not allow access to the task manager or restarts the system without a forced shutdown.

It is something that, according to Softpedia, can be seen in the Microsoft forums, where many users are commenting that the punctual slowness and most of these problems occur especially at the first start after the installation of the update.  But also when executing actions of the day a day in the system, how to right-click on icons on the desktop.

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How to fix crashes and slowdown

As with each update, in its official website devoted to it, Microsoft acknowledges the potential issues that a computer may have in installing it, something paradoxical when it is presumed that it will solve bugs and introduce fresh features, no more complications. Two issues are specifically stated in the event of the April 9 update but in regards to the application protocol URI schemes and the windows deployment services tool.

That is, as part of the kb4493509 update’s issues, Microsoft has not yet formally recorded the accidents or slowdown and is likely to have to launch another one to fix what it meant on many computers. If you’re one of the impacted individuals, the good news for you is that there’s a solution that’s as rudimentary as uninstalling the update manually.

Waiting to see if the august 2019 windows update improves stuff by decreasing the number of bugs in this respect. We understand that the scheme at least allows the customer to have more control over the updates. It will also automatically uninstall those that trigger issues, without worrying.


By performing the above steps you will get rid of windows 10 update problem permanently. If you still have a problem then you should contact your Microsoft.

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